Max Mcquillan

HEMS Paramedic

Introducing Max Mcquillan, who joined our team of HEMS Paramedics in October 2023. Max proudly hails from Otley, a place he holds dear for its charming mix of charity shops, chip shops, and the sweet melodies of folk music – a true haven for those who share his eclectic tastes.

Max’s profound passion for providing care to the most critically ill patients serves as a driving force behind his work.

Max’s journey in the ambulance service began in Bradford, before joining the hazardous area response team. This diverse experience laid the foundation for his secondment to HEMS, where he contributes his expertise to our lifesaving mission.

Beyond his professional life, Max’s interests are as varied as his music tastes. He enjoys all genres of music, and revels in climbing, surfing, running, and swimming, and has a knack for pickling things, adding a unique touch to his culinary endeavours. As an interesting fact about Max is that he shares his home with his one-eyed cat named Morvah.

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