Leanne Davis

HEMS Paramedic

Leanne Davis is one of our dedicated HEMS Paramedics who became an essential part of our crew in October 2023. Leanne’s roots are in Rotherham, where her passion for caring for the people of Yorkshire was born and bred.

Leanne’s motivation to join our team of HEMS Paramedics reflects a deep commitment to the well-being of the region’s residents. Her eagerness to attend a wide range of jobs pushes her to constantly learn and acquire new skills, highlighting her dedication. The prospect of soaring over the breathtaking landscapes of Yorkshire was also a compelling draw for Leanne.

Before joining YAA, Leanne dedicated four years of her career as a paramedic in Doncaster after completing her studies at Sheffield Hallam University in 2019. It’s worth noting that she wasn’t alone in this journey; her colleague Max, who joined YAA as a Paramedic at the same time, also graduated in the same class.

Beyond her professional life, Leanne finds joy in spending quality time with her family and her loyal canine companion, Bruno. A significant life event marked her journey to YAA, as she tied the knot while going through the interview process for her role, making the road to YAA all the more memorable. Leanne’s love for the outdoors is evident in her hobbies, which include hiking and open-water swimming. An interesting fact about Leanne is that she was part of a remarkable team of three who successfully completed the challenging English Channel swim. This accomplishment is a testament to her determination and teamwork.

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