Gemma Richmond

Specialist Paramedic Critical Care - HEMS

Gemma joined the Yorkshire Ambulance Service in 2002 as a Technician and worked at Menston Ambulance Station as an AEMT (Advanced Emergency Medical Technician) until she was offered a position at HART, Yorkshire’s Hazardous Area Response Team. It was there she completed her Paramedic training and remained on the unit for eight years before joining YAA.

Gemma said: “I really wanted the opportunity to experience life as a HEMS paramedic. I spent eight years working across Yorkshire providing a HART response so now is a really exciting opportunity to provide a similar response but arriving to the emergency in a completely different way and providing my patients with a wider variety of clinical skills. I am really looking forward to working alongside the Doctors, providing a critical care response to the patients in the greatest need and hopefully learning a huge amount from the Doctors’ experience in pre-hospital care.”

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