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22 JUN 23

Flying High with Pride: Yorkshire Air Ambulance Joins in Solidarity with LGBTQ+ Community

At Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA), we take great pride in serving the diverse community of Yorkshire. As Pride Month unfolds, we want to highlight our unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community we serve and share our commitment to inclusivity.

people holding signs that spell the word volunteer
7 JUN 23

10 Reasons Why Becoming a Volunteer for Yorkshire Air Ambulance Can Change Your Life

Throughout this blog, volunteers at Yorkshire Air Ambulance share their personal motivations and experiences of their volunteering journey, whilst offering compelling reasons why becoming a volunteer for YAA can not only have a significant impact on the lives of others, but also change your own life in profound ways.

24 APR 23

From Breathing Techniques to Mindfulness: Laura’s guide to managing your mindset during Stress Awareness Month

One of the most significant public health challenges we are encountering in 2023 is the prevalence of stress and mental health issues. As HR Manager at Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Laura Wilson, who has over 18 years of experience in her field and is trained in Mental Health First Aid, has seen first-hand the toll that stress can take on employees.

14 APR 23

From Second-Hand Books to Life-Saving Flights: The Power of Local Fundraising for Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere, at any time. For those of us who live and work in rural areas of Yorkshire, access to emergency medical care can be especially challenging. That's where Yorkshire Air Ambulance and their life saving services come in, providing rapid response and essential on scene care to people in even the most remote locations.

30 MAR 23

Celebrating National Doctors Day with Yorkshire Air Ambulance Doctor: Paul Onion

As we celebrate National Doctors Day, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the incredible work of those who take their skills to the skies to save lives across Yorkshire. We spoke with Paul Onion, a seven-year veteran of the YAA team, to hear about the challenges and rewards of this unique and vital role.

A yellow helicopter flying over fields and hills.
21 MAR 23

Angel in the Skies: A Tribute to Yorkshire Air Ambulance

This World Poetry Day, let us take a moment to appreciate the power of words and how they can be used to inspire and uplift us. Poetry has the unique ability to evoke emotions and transport us to another world. With that in mind, we present to you a poem that pays tribute to Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

5 SEP 22

Celebrating Air Ambulance Week 2022

Air Ambulance Week is an annual celebration of air ambulances and the work they do across the UK. This year falls between 5th and 12th September.

18 JUL 22

How to stay safe during a heatwave

This week is set to be the hottest in British history with temperatures across Yorkshire reaching nearly 40 degrees. Excessive heat can lead to a plethora of health issues including dehydration and heat stroke, especially if you are older or vulnerable. Below are just a few ways to stay safe in the current hot weather.

7 JUL 22

Ways to support Yorkshire Air Ambulance that won’t cost you a penny

With rising energy bills and the cost of living increase, money is understandably tight for many people right now. If you’re looking to give to Yorkshire Air Ambulance, but you’re feeling a little bit cash strapped, below are a few ideas to help us with little or no cost.

Photo of Yorkshire Air Ambulance Grants & Trusts Manager Marianne Haworth stood in front of one of the yellow Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopters
30 MAY 22

Meet our new Grants and Trusts Manager Marianne Haworth

In May 2022, Marianne Haworth was appointed our new Grants and Trusts Manager. Marianne is responsible for applying to Grants and Trusts organisations on behalf of the charity and sourcing opportunities. We caught up with Marianne to learn all about her career history and what she aims to bring to the Charity.

8 MAR 22

YAA championing female senior management positions

We caught up with three of our Senior Management Team to hear their thoughts on being females in senior roles this International Women's Day

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance yellow helicopter G-YAAC is on a field next to a lane, with a blue car parked in the background, behind the tail of the aircraft. There are some hedges, trees and fields in the background and a power line
7 MAR 22

What to do if our aircraft lands near you

It can be a very exciting experience seeing a helicopter hovering above, especially for children or those who haven't seen one close up before. When landing a helicopter there are a lot of considerations to take, especially when the general public could be at risk. If you see a helicopter trying to land near you, you can follow these five simple steps below to stay safe.

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