Angel in the Skies: A Tribute to Yorkshire Air Ambulance

This World Poetry Day, let us take a moment to appreciate the power of words and how they can be used to inspire and uplift us. Poetry has the unique ability to evoke emotions and transport us to another world. With that in mind, we present to you a poem that pays tribute to Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

May this poem serve as a reminder of the compassion, courage, and heroism displayed by our crew.


In the skies of Yorkshire so wide and free,

There’s an angel that flies with urgency,

Swift and true, with a vital mission to fulfill,

Yorkshire Air Ambulance, it’s the real deal.


Over the moors and hills so green,

To the valleys and cities in between,

It soars with a purpose, a life to save,

Braving the winds, it’s the hero we crave.


With skilled crew on board, they rush to aid,

The injured and sick, no matter the grade,

With compassion and courage, they do their best,

To ensure that every patient gets a fair test.


The helicopter lands, a life hangs in the air,

The team jumps into action, they don’t despair,

With deft hands and a heart that cares,

They tend to the wounds, healing without any flairs.


Yorkshire Air Ambulance, a beacon of hope,

A symbol of resilience that helps us cope,

With our fears and worries, as we watch it glide,

In the skies of Yorkshire, with courage and pride.


So, here’s to Yorkshire Air Ambulance, we raise our hands,

To the pilots, medics, and all the crew that understand,

The importance of saving lives, no matter what the cost,

Thank you for being there, when we need you the most.