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FEB 15 2018

Big Breakfasts Raise Big Funds

Posted by Pearl Saville

The 23rd – 26th January 2018, saw Lindsey Hitchen and her team of dedicated Farmstay colleagues (comprising mostly of farmer’s wives) assisted by the Addington Fund Farming Charity and the YAA, serve up big, delicious and hearty breakfasts to the public. The main sponsors, Ripon Accountants, Eura Audit, and Barclay’s Bank - agricultural division, each sent two of their senior personnel each day to work alongside the ladies. Whether it was washing up, serving tea and coffee or the important task of not burning the toast – it was a great team effort.


Even bigger than the breakfasts though, is the amount raised! Over £7,000 was raised and will be split between the YAA and the Addington Fund.


Most of the food was sponsored and the tasty breakfasts were cooked in Lindsey’s own kitchen to a highly appreciative selection of paying guests, many from the wider farming community.  Each session included a raffle with yummy prizes.


On the final day, a two-course hot supper was served for another 60 guests, where entertainment was provided by musician and journalist, Chris Berry. It was a fantastic evening to end a fantastic week – a real feeling of celebration, positivity and true generosity.


Many thanks to Lindsey and all her team, who worked tirelessly, and are loyal YAA supporters and excellent fundraisers!


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