We have received a generous £22,000 donation from Sovereign Health Care, as part of their Care’s Community Programme, which will help support our lifesaving missions across Yorkshire.

A group of people standing in front of a yellow helicopter.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) has received a generous £22,000 donation from Sovereign Health Care, marking another year of steadfast support from the leading not-for-profit health cash plan provider. This increase follows last year’s significant contribution of £19,000.

The donation is part of Sovereign Health Care’s Community Programme, which is dedicated to supporting health initiatives that have a tangible impact on the Bradford community and more widely in West Yorkshire. The funds will be crucial in covering essential operational costs, ensuring that YAA can continue its vital emergency response services across Yorkshire.

Sovereign Health Care has been a Principal Partner of Yorkshire Air Ambulance since 2001, with their contributions playing a pivotal role in the charity’s operations for over two decades. Symbolising the partnership, the Sovereign Health Care logo takes pride of place on YAA’s helicopters, as a testament to their long-standing commitment to community health and wellbeing.

A group of people are listening to a man in an orange flight suit giving a talk in front of a yellow helicopter.
A group of people are stood in front of a yellow helicopter and some are sat in the aircraft, with the door open.

Marianne Haworth, Grants & Trusts Manager at Yorkshire Air Ambulance, expressed profound gratitude for the renewed and increased support:

“The ongoing partnership with Sovereign Health Care is invaluable. Their increased donation this year highlights their dedication to our cause and the communities we serve.”

Yorkshire Air Ambulance is very grateful to receive the generous support of organisations like Sovereign Health Care. To learn more about YAA and how you can contribute to their essential services, please visit our Corporate Partnership page.

We are proud to announce that Jan Swallow, our dedicated volunteer has raised over £100,000 for Yorkshire Air Ambulance since she began her fundraising journey in 2010.

A group of people are standing in front of a yellow helicopter, holding gold balloons. There are a '1' and two '0' balloons. Some of the people are wearing flight suits.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) is proud to celebrate the remarkable achievement of Jan Swallow, a dedicated volunteer from Holmfirth, who has raised over £100,000 for the charity since she began fundraising in 2010.

Jan attends over 20 fundraising events per year and recently surpassed her ambitious target during a charity gala in Ravensknowle Children’s Gala, where her efforts brought her total to an impressive £100,069.

Jan holds a deeply personal connection to the charity, after her son Graham was involved in a serious motorbike accident in May of 2007. While traveling on Snake Pass (A57), a road well-known for its sharp bends connecting Sheffield and Manchester, Graham hit a road sign, causing him to fall from his bike and down a steep roadside ravine, with his motorbike suspended from a tree above him.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s critical care team, including Sammy Wills, the charity’s current longest-serving paramedic, provided crucial on-scene support, including extracting Graham from the ditch, which took almost an hour to complete. Once freed, the team swiftly transported Graham to Sheffield Northern General Hospital, where he sadly passed away.

In the wake of her son’s death, Jan found solace in fundraising for the organisation that gave her son the best chance of survival.

A yellow helicopter is hovering above a field surrounding by trees

In 2009, Jan took on her first fundraising challenge, raising over £1,700 by completing a charity skydive from 13,000 feet as part of the Huddersfield Town Football Club’s ‘Keep It Up’ campaign, which allocated the funds between YAA and the club’s academy.

After a year of raising funds through the campaign, Jan decided to conduct her own independent fundraising, focusing all her efforts on supporting Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Jan is an avid crafter and enjoys sewing and embroidery, a hobby she picked up from her mother, who is a keen knitter. In early 2010, the pair combined their skills and created their own crafting business, “J2 Crafts”. Operating from stalls across Yorkshire and via Facebook, the duo became a hit with customers, donating 100% of their proceeds to Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Prices at Jan’s stalls range from £1 for lucky dips to £20 for more luxurious, custom pieces. Her products include pinafores, tote bags, and adult bibs featuring cheeky slogans, along with charming knitted bears and popular knitted characters such as Disney princesses and superheroes. These unique pieces have garnered a loyal following, with customers often returning for more.

It is not uncommon for Jan to raise hundreds of pounds when hosting a stall, with her record being £1,800 across two days at Harewood House during a VW car rally. The demand for their unique creations has grown so much over the last 14 years that Jan has recruited additional knitters, Audrey Jones and Pamela Franchamp, to help keep up. Audrey and Pamela volunteer their time and skills, knitting additional bears for free, without even taking a percentage for the wool they use.

In addition to her fundraising efforts, Jan and her husband Peter are also dedicated Yorkshire Air Ambulance volunteers and can often be found assisting the charity’s fundraising teams at key events throughout the year.

Jan’s fundraising was not without its obstacles, as the COVID-19 pandemic halted events that were key for raising funds. Jan adapted by selling face masks online, featuring football team crests and other important logos, including 300 masks for The Royal College of Nursing. During the two lockdowns, Jan created over 2,000 masks, raising £4,000 for YAA. In addition, she made 800 PPE gowns for her local hospital, demonstrating her versatility and dedication to helping her community.

A group of people are standing in front of a yellow helicopter, holding gold balloons. There are a '1' and two '0' balloons. Some of the people are wearing flight suits. two of them have their heads through the two '0' balloons.

Jan’s efforts have not gone unnoticed either. She has received multiple awards for her contributions, including a Yorkshire Air Ambulance recognition award (2012/13), Huddersfield Town Football Club’s ‘Contribution to the Club’ Award (2010/11), the Huddersfield Examiner ‘Services to Charity’ Award (2017), and the Honley Village Community ‘Chairman’s Award’ for Fundraising (2021).

Chairman of Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Mike Harrop, expressed deep gratitude to Jan for her remarkable fundraising efforts, stating, “Jan’s dedication is truly remarkable, and we are immensely grateful for her outstanding efforts. Surpassing the £100k milestone is an incredible achievement, highlighting her unwavering commitment to our charity. Over the past 14 years, Jan’s fundraising has played an indispensable role, significantly contributing to ensuring that we can uphold the highest standards of pre-hospital critical care for those in need, thereby leaving a lasting mark on our organisation. Her story serves as a powerful testament to the profound impact one individual can have. As we approach our 25th anniversary, we encourage others to draw inspiration from Jan and contemplate how they too can contribute to our mission, be it through volunteering, providing support, or raising awareness.”

Yorkshire Air Ambulance relies entirely on the generosity of individuals like Jan to sustain its operations. Her incredible fundraising efforts have made a significant impact, helping to ensure that YAA can continue to provide critical care to those in need.

Freemason groups’ generous £98,000 donation supports Yorkshire Air Ambulance with lifesaving equipment.

Freemasons with helicopter crew

Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) has been generously supported by a significant donation of £98,000 from two esteemed Freemason groups: Thornborough Lodge Freemasons and Hebden Bridge Freemasons from The Lodge of Prince Frederick.

This substantial contribution underpins the Freemasons’ unwavering long-term commitment to supporting essential emergency services across Yorkshire and will significantly enhance YAA’s critical operations.

Led by Mike Ramsay, Master of Thornborough Lodge and John Dinsdale, contributed £50,000 towards the cause, while the Hebden Bridge, Lodge of Prince Frederick, represented by Robert Walker, Arthur Chapman and Basil Greaves, donated £48,000.

The funds will be utilised to procure essential equipment, including state-of-the-art handheld ultrasound devices for each YAA helicopter and Rapid Response Vehicles (RRVs), specialist helmets for the medical crew, and the implementation and six-year subscription of PHEMnet, a cutting-edge clinical and patient database system.

The implementation of PHEMnet enables seamless integration between YAA and key clinical databases, facilitating comprehensive analysis of patient journeys and interventions. This integration offers valuable insights and key learnings for YAA’s critical care team, further enhancing the quality of their life-saving services.

Furthermore, introducing the Butterfly iQTM handheld ultrasound device will revolutionise pre-hospital care by enabling mid-air scans and rapid transmission of critical information to emergency teams, expediting treatments, and improving patient outcomes.

A group of people stood in front of a yellow helicopter holding a large cheque

Earlier this year, the Freemason groups were warmly welcomed to YAA’s Nostell Air Support Unit in Wakefield, where they had the opportunity to see one of the YAA’s operational H145 D3 helicopters up close, and meet the dedicated team of Pilots, Paramedics, Doctors and other key members of the charity’s staff, further strengthening the bond between the organisations.

Robert C Walker, a member of both Thornborough Lodge No 6434 in Leyburn and a previous member of the Hebden Bridge, Lodge of Prince Frederick Freemasons, played a pivotal role in facilitating the donation process. Mr. Walker expressed, “It is an honour to facilitate this meaningful contribution on behalf of both Thornborough Lodge and the Lodge of Prince Frederick. The Freemason ethos of charity and community support resonates deeply with the mission of Yorkshire Air Ambulance, and we are proud to play a part in advancing their life-saving work.”

Yorkshire Air Ambulance Enhances Community Safety with New Public Defibrillator in Elland

Neil Davidson and Louise Shorrock

Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) is proud to announce the installation of a new public defibrillator outside its Cayley House head office, on South Lane, in Elland. This initiative, supported by Neil Davidson and his Community CPR Fund, aims to enhance the safety and well-being of the local community by providing immediate access to lifesaving equipment.

Neil, who is a cardiac arrest survivor himself and local advocate for CPR training, kindly supported the funding of the weatherproof external defibrillator cabinet to house the device.

After experiencing a cardiac arrest in 2017, during which his then 25-year-old son performed lifesaving CPR, Neil has been passionately committed to increasing public access to CPR training and defibrillators throughout Calderdale.

Neil stated, “My Community CPR Fund is dedicated to providing essential resources like External Defib cabinets to organisations such as Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Making this defibrillator available 24/7 to the Elland community is a crucial step in saving lives.”

The defibrillator, supplied by YAA, is fully automated and equipped with simple voice prompts, ensuring that even untrained individuals can confidently use them during a cardiac emergency.

The new defibrillator is now one of nine public defibrillators in Elland, located at strategic points including: Elland Working Men’s Club, Elland Fire Station, W J Roadmarkings Ltd, J C Health & Fitness Ltd, 102 Southgate, a post box 30 meters from Ainley Mount on Huddersfield Road, Screwfix Elland, THS Industrial Tiles, and Cross Lane Primary School.

Louise Shorrock, Office Manager at Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s Cayley House, added, “These defibrillators are designed to be user-friendly, with no formal training needed, which helps instil confidence in those who might need to use them. As a community-focused, patient centric, organisation, we’re committed to exploring all possible ways to support people in need as much as possible. Being based on a busy road, surrounded by local businesses and opposite an Aldi supermarket means it is always busy in the local vicinity.  We hope it will give the local Elland community piece of mind that there is a publicly accessible defibrillator in the proximity.”

 Yorkshire Air Ambulance continues to support community health initiatives, reaffirming its commitment to saving lives and improving emergency response capabilities across the region.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance ‘Reflection and Remembrance Garden’ wins ‘Best in Show’ at Harrogate Flower Show

Reflection and Remembrance Garden

Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s garden has been announced as the ‘Best in Show’ at this year’s Harrogate Flower Show.

Designed by York based Kate Smithson, the ‘Reflection and Remembrance Garden’ encompasses place of remembrance and tranquillity where those who have been affected by the work of YAA can go to remember and reflect on their experiences, or in memory of loved ones.  A lasting memorial, the garden will become a legacy for the community and beyond for years to come through lasting dedications to those we love, when it relocates to its permanent home in Roundhay Park later this year.

The garden was only made possible through generous sponsorship and funding from organisations including Redmayne Bentley, The North of England Horticultural Society, Woods of Harrogate, The Arnold Burton Charitable Trust, RB Gray Charitable Trust, Ilkley Charitable Trust, and The Peacock (Leeds) Trust.

Judges comments included “well done… an excellent garden that followed the brief closely. Well scaled and in proportion.”

Reflection and Remembrance Garden

Designer Kate Smithson added: “I am absolutely thrilled to have not only been awarded a Premier Gold Award, but also to be given the accolade of ‘Best in Show’.  It has been a real honour and privilege to have designed this garden for YAA and to work with such a talented landscaper in Nick Fryer and his team.  I hope the visitors to the show over the next few days will love the garden as much as I have loved designing it, and I look forward to developing it further for the public when it relocates to Roundhay Park permanently after the show.”

Once in its new home at Roundhay Park, YAA plans to utilise the garden for future fundraising and awareness too, allowing the public to leave lasting dedications to loved ones, or as a patient who has used their service.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance Announces New Memorial Garden

Public memorial garden illustration

Yorkshire Air Ambulance have announced plans for a new, public memorial garden.  To be launched at this year’s Harrogate Flower Show, the garden will eventually take up its permanent home in Roundhay Park, Leeds, where it will be on display and easily accessible for everyone.

Designed by York based Kate Smithson, a graduate of the Yorkshire School of Garden Design, the ‘Reflection and Remembrance Garden’ will be a place of remembrance and tranquillity where those who have been affected by the work of YAA can come to remember and reflect on their experiences, or in memory of loved ones.  A lasting memorial, the garden will become a legacy for the community and beyond for years to come through lasting dedications to those we love, when it relocates to its permanent home in Roundhay Park later this spring.

Tessa Klemz, Regional Fundraising Manager for YAA explains: “YAA have long been considering some type of long-lasting memorial area for our supporters to appreciate and utilise.  When the opportunity from the Harrogate Flower Show came along for us to have a garden at this year’s show, we knew it would be the ideal opportunity.  Kate’s proposed design captivated us from the outset.  She has captured exactly what we were looking for – to create a place of memories, tranquillity and peacefulness.  We are also absolutely delighted that Leeds City Council are able to give the garden a permanent home at Roundhay Park, where members of the public can access the garden on a daily basis – as well as the garden being able to grow and mature over the years to come.  The garden will also accommodate lasting dedications for families of loved ones and support the life-saving work of YAA.

Taking centre stage in the garden is a metal, yellow pergola which reflects the blades and colour of the YAA helicopters.  Soft, billowing planting and a central reflective pool will celebrate the varied landscapes of Yorkshire that the helicopters fly over on a daily basis.  The space aims to exude calmness and tranquillity, contrasting the major trauma YAA deals with every day.

Tessa also added: “The build and installation of the garden at the show would not have been possible without the generosity of some wonderful sponsors who have kindly provided support to cover any costs involved with this project.  Our sincere thanks go to organisations including Redmayne Bentley, The North of England Horticultural Society, Woods of Harrogate, The Arnold Burton Charitable Trust, RB Gray Charitable Trust, Ilkley Charitable Trust, and The Peacock (Leeds) Trust for supporting this fantastic garden.”

Kate Smithson who designed the garden added: “It has been a real joy to think about creating a garden that celebrates the vital work that the YAA do across the Yorkshire region.  It was important for us to create an uplifting space, full of positivity and yet also give space for reflection and contemplation.  I wanted to incorporate the bold yellow YAA colour and bring people closer to the joys that can be found in nature, using fresh and lush greens in a celebration of Spring. 

 We then look forward to developing this further for the permanent legacy garden to create a space that will be beautiful year-round and become a place for people to come and reflect on the lifesaving work the YAA do.  I’d also like to pass my sincere thanks to several local businesses who supported my design and vision to bring the garden to fruition – these include Tong Garden Centre, Kendrew Architectural Metalwork, Traditional Stone, Urbis Design, D-Tail Plants, Wykeham Mature Plants, and the Yorkshire School of Garden Design.”

YAA’s garden will be on display at Harrogate Flower Show, which takes place at the Great Yorkshire Showground from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th April, before being moved to its permanent home in Roundhay Park.  Further details on when the garden will be open to the public at Roundhay Park will be announced by YAA in due course.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance is proud to announce its upcoming Yellow Yorkshire race night at the legendary Doncaster Racecourse on April 27th, 2024.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance is proud to announce its upcoming Yellow Yorkshire race night at the legendary Doncaster Racecourse on April 27th, 2024.

This exciting event is the highlight in the charity’s month-long ‘Yellow Yorkshire’ awareness campaign, which is in its tenth year, aiming to raise crucial funds for the life-saving services it provides.

The Yellow Yorkshire Race Festival promises a day of exhilarating horse racing, delicious food and drink, and entertainment. With only 500 tickets available, through the charity’s website, racegoers can secure their spot on the night with as little as £10 donation, offering a savings of over 50% on the gate admission.

On the day, the racecourse will be enhanced with vibrant yellow décor, including a customised, one of a kind, YAA themed horse rug which will be displayed on the iconic Double Trigger statue. Additionally, YAA yellow banners and signage will help to transform the racecourse into a sea of yellow to symbolising Doncaster’s solidarity with Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s Yellow Yorkshire campaign and vital missions.

Attendees can enhance their experience with the Hospitality Package – an Exclusive Royal Box Experience. This comprehensive package offers a range of benefits including a three-course meal, race card, dedicated YAA hosts, private bar facilities, and a secluded balcony for optimal race viewing.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance also extends its gratitude to local businesses sponsoring the evenings races, including Park Lodge Shooting School, The Lister Arms Malham, Brewin Dolphin, 5 Rise Contractors and Bentley Drains, who are all directly contributing to YAA’s cause and ensuring the race festival’s success.

Mark Edwards, Sales Manager for the North at Arena Racing, expressed his enthusiasm for supporting Yorkshire Air Ambulance, stating, “It’s been a pleasure working closely with Yorkshire Air Ambulance in the run-up to this racing event. We aspire to make a real difference with the funds raised and eagerly anticipate welcoming all of Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s guests to Doncaster for an incredible night of horse racing and fundraising.”

Yorkshire Air Ambulance make switch to innovative new fuel

From Monday 1st of April, the two Airbus H145 D3 helicopters the Charity operates will be fuelled by Yorkshire Tea.

Steve Waudby, Director of Aviation at YAA explains: “The people of Yorkshire are pretty much fuelled by Yorkshire Tea, so why not the YAA helicopters?  We have been considering making the switch for a while now, and today was the big day.  The kettle is on continual boil whilst our crew makes sure that there is always a proper brew ready to fill the helicopters up with.

We had considered other alternative fuel sources however Yorkshire Tea was the obvious choice.  It’s at the heart of everything we do at YAA.  Crew morning brief with a cup of Yorkshire Tea, debrief after a serious incident with a cup of Yorkshire Tea, quick brew before the end of each shift – even our Head Office staff can’t function without a continual supply of Yorkshire Tea.  It just made sense for us to switch the helicopters over to running on Yorkshire Tea too.”

Steve concluded: “Obviously it’s going to take a lot of teabags to keep both helicopters in the air and helping to save lives across Yorkshire.  As an independent Charity, we rely solely on the generosity of our supporters to help us raise those vital funds.  So, if anyone would like to donate towards the fuelling of G-YAAA and G-YORX, please head over to our website and donate at www.yorkshireairambulance.co.uk/donate.

YAA Launches New Schools Initiative as Part of Upcoming Yellow Yorkshire Campaign

Yorkshire Air Ambulance is inviting all primary schools, nurseries and childcare settings across Yorkshire to become Heli Heroes by taking on their brand new ‘Heli Hop’ challenge this April.

The Heli Hop involves children taking on the sponsored hop, skip, run or walk at a time and date in April decided by the education or childcare setting, all while dressed in custom Heli Hop headbands provided by the emergency service charity.

In addition, each child will receive a certificate following their Heli Hop, celebrating their commitment to making a positive impact within their local community.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s Heli Hop offers schools a unique educational opportunity, combining learning about the vital air ambulance service and the impact of community involvement, whilst encouraging physical activity, aligning with the UK’s learning curriculum.

With 9 schools across Yorkshire currently on board and over 1000 students registered to take part, the Heli Hop is poised to make a significant contribution to the fundraising campaign, thereby greatly supporting YAA’s life-saving missions.

Specialist HEMS Paramedic, Matty McCabe, said, “The Heli Hop is an exciting addition to our Yellow Yorkshire campaign, and I’m thrilled that we can offer a glimpse into our life-saving missions to local children. Who knows, perhaps one of them will be inspired to pursue a career as a paramedic or work in HEMS. Every school and childcare provider that joins us on our Heli Hop challenge, stands in solidarity with our life-saving work, ensuring we can continue flying across Yorkshire and making a difference where it matters most!

The Yellow Yorkshire campaign, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, has grown over the years from a one-day event to an entire fundraising month in April, raising thousands of pounds to support the vital work of Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Regional Fundraising Manager for North and East Yorkshire, Tessa Klemz, said, “We can’t wait to see how many local schools and nurseries join us this year, not only will they have fun with friends, but they will be learning about the essential services that we offer to our patients and their families.”

To sign up your school or childcare setting up for this year’s Heli Hop click here.  

Yorkshire Air Ambulance appoints new Medical Director

Yorkshire Air Ambulance has announced the appointment of their new Medical Director, Dr Stuart Reid.

Dr Reid, a highly regarded Consultant in Emergency Medicine joins YAA taking up a brand-new role, with emphasis on clinical care delivery, evaluation and clinical governance.  His responsibilities will umbrella patient safety and clinical quality provided by YAA clinical crew alongside leading the strategy for medical innovation and development.

Mike Harrop, YAA Chairman commented on Dr Reid’s appointment: “We are thrilled to have Stuart join YAA and bring with him his extensive experience in pre-hospital care and major trauma.  Stuart is a highly regarded medical professional, not only within Yorkshire, but within wider networks, and has established himself as a respected, compassionate, and trusted leader.   I look forward to working closely with Stuart to continue to advance YAA clinical practices and ensure we provide the people of Yorkshire and its visitors with the best possible care and air ambulance service.”

Sheffield based Dr Stuart Reid is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Northern General Hospital who has built his career around providing excellent care for patients who have suffered major traumatic injuries. He was heavily involved in setting up major trauma networks in Yorkshire at their inception in 2011, including prehospital aspects, and was clinical lead of the Major Trauma Centre at the Northern General Hospital between 2011 and 2020. Here he was instrumental in setting up a high performing major trauma system, including leading on the construction of the hospital’s much applauded primary helipad. More recently Stuart has spent the last four years as the clinical lead for the South Yorkshire Major Trauma Network, striving to ensure the same level of care for patients regardless of where within the region they are injured.  He also brings with him over 10 years of HEMS experience having worked with a neighbouring air ambulance charity prior to his post at YAA.

Commenting on his appointment Stuart said: “I am absolutely delighted to be taking up the role as YAA’s Medical Director.  Through my experience as a HEMS Doctor for other air ambulances and my roles at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, I have worked with many of the YAA team over the years and treated their patients through the whole system to hospital discharge. Hence to now be part of the fantastic team on what is my local air ambulance makes me incredibly proud.  Echoing Mike’s words, our ultimate aim is to ensure that we provide our patients with the best possible care, and it will be a privilege for me to be helping to lead and shape this life-saving work going forward.”

An independent charity receiving no direct government funding, Yorkshire Air Ambulance is Yorkshire’s only dedicated air ambulance service, providing a lifesaving, rapid-response emergency service to anyone critically ill or injured anywhere in the County.  Operating 7 days per week, 365 days per year, the intervention of their two helicopters and Critical Care Crews, based at Nostell near Wakefield and RAF Topcliffe near Thirsk, can often mean the difference between life and death for their patients.

Click here to read more charity news. 

Yorkshire Escapes Sets Ambitious £10,000 Fundraising Challenge to Support Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Luxury holiday house provider, Yorkshire Escapes, pledges support for Yorkshire Air Ambulance as their Charity of the Year for 2024.

Yorkshire Escapes, a leading provider of luxury holiday houses and cottages in the picturesque landscapes of Yorkshire, proudly announces its commitment to supporting the vital services of Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) as their chosen Charity of the Year for 2024.

Known for specialising in large, remote luxury properties across Yorkshire, Yorkshire Escapes has set an ambitious fundraising target of £10,000 over the next 12 months. The company aims to achieve this goal through various initiatives, with a particular focus on point-of-sale donations when customers book their getaways.

In addition, the Yorkshire Escapes team are set to take on additional fundraising activities by participating in a sponsored half marathon and undertaking the coast-to-coast bike ride challenge throughout the summer, all in a concerted effort to bolster the final fundraising total for YAA.

The motivation behind Yorkshire Escapes’ unwavering support for Yorkshire Air Ambulance stems from their deep-rooted connection to the region. As a family-run, Yorkshire born and bred company, the team has frequently witnessed the YAA helicopter flying overhead, making the cause personally significant. Having spent years living in remote areas and being enthusiasts of countryside sports, the Yorkshire Escapes family recognises the invaluable service provided by YAA, making it a cause close to their hearts.

Victoria Bilborough, Managing Partner at Yorkshire Escapes, expressed, “Our support for Yorkshire Air Ambulance is not just about giving back; it’s about ensuring the safety and well-being of our community. Having lived in remote areas ourselves, we understand the critical role YAA plays in reaching those in need, especially in far-flung regions. We believe that our support will also bring peace of mind to our property guests during their self-catered getaways, which often involve spending time in the outdoors, walking and exploring in the remote dales, and knowing that they are covered in case of emergencies.”

Tessa Klemz, YAA Regional Fundraising Manager for North & East Yorkshire, commended Yorkshire Escapes for their dedication, saying, “We are immensely grateful to Yorkshire Escapes for choosing Yorkshire Air Ambulance as their Charity of the Year. Their commitment to raising funds will undoubtedly make a significant impact on our ability to provide life-saving services across the region.”

Rotherham Gym Embarks on Year-Long Fitness Journey for Yorkshire Air Ambulance

JDD Fitness, an independent gym in Rotherham with over 60 members, has embarked on a year-long initiative to support the life-saving missions of Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) after selecting them as their 2024 charity of the year.

In a bid to raise the crucial funds, the JDD Fitness team, together with their clients, will undertake a diverse set of monthly fitness challenges spanning the next 12 months with all sponsorships directed towards the essential services provided by the air ambulance.

The challenges, designed to be inclusive for both gym members and the broader local community, present an opportunity for fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike to unite in support of this vital cause.

Most recently, the JDD team took on the Rother Valley 5k Park Run in mid-January, setting the pace for their spirited commitment, raising £350 of their final £1500 fundraising target.

Upcoming challenges include the Leeds 10K Winter Warmer in February, before tackling a unique “5K Every 4 Hours For 24 Hours” challenge in March, promising a test of endurance and dedication.

The months that follow see the team tackling a diverse array of activities, including the Sheffield Half Marathon with an option for 350,000 Monthly Steps in April, a thrilling Sky Diving Saturday in May, the formidable Total Warrior in June, and an endurance-testing 24 Hour Air Bike Marathon in August.

September brings the challenge of the Nottingham Robin Hood Half Marathon, leading up to Octobers Yorkshire Three Peaks hike and a demanding 60KM run over the month of November, before culminating in a festive Santa Dash in December.

The JDD team will be actively documenting their challenge events, capturing, and sharing real-time pictures, videos and check-ins, for all their supporters to feel a part of their experience.

Local businesses are invited to contribute to the cause by sponsoring the monthly challenges for £60 each, thereby boosting the overall fundraising total.

Regional Fundraising Manager for West & South Yorkshire, Vickie Cowan, conveyed her gratitude to the JDD team, saying, “We are deeply thankful to JDD Fitness and their community of health enthusiasts for taking on this incredible 12-month challenge. The funds raised will make a meaningful impact on our ability to provide critical care across Yorkshire.”