Our Volunteers are the beating heart of our charity and simply put, without our volunteers we would not be able to do what we do. Our volunteers enable us to have a presence in our local communities and help us spread awareness of Yorkshire Air Ambulance right across the county.

In a year our Volunteers help us by:

Attending more than 900 stalls

Attending more than 300 talks

Attending more than 125 Bucket Collections

Emptying over 3700 collecting tins

That’s an estimated total of 10,000 volunteer hours!


Meet some of our amazing volunteers and read the story of why they chose to volunteer for Yorkshire Air Ambulance:

mike and elaine

YAA Volunteers: Mike & Elaine

We have been volunteering for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance since 2012! Our YAA journey started with a sponsored beard shave nearly 16 years ago. Elaine hasn’t let me grow it back since!

Volunteering for the YAA is really flexible and fun, we always feel wanted and needed and it’s great to ne part of a team. The YAA has become a part of our life, we love it!

Image of YAA Volunteer Liz Storey receiving an award

YAA Volunteer: Liz Storey

‘I started volunteering with the YAA in 2011 as I found myself with spare time and wanted to fill that with that helping to raise money for a good cause and helping to save lives.

The best thing about volunteering is meeting people young and old and those most memorable times are when people come up to you at events and say how grateful they are to be alive thanks to the YAA Paramedics and Doctors who helped to save them.

I have been married to my husband Mick for 50 years and have two daughters. Mick is a great support to my volunteering.’

Image of YAA Volunteer Liz Storey receiving an award

YAA Volunteer: Katherine Sayers

‘I have been volunteering for the YAA since 2003. I had been travelling on the bus, to work, along the A59 dual carriageway just outside Skipton and had seen the Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopter land in the road. It was an instant decision, at that moment, that I wanted to help the charity and to keep that helicopter flying. We only had one helicopter at that time and it has been fantastic to be able to help the charity grow and see the addition of our second helicopter.

I attend events, man stalls and do bag packs and bucket collections. I have also helped out when our helicopters have landed at events.’

Image of YAA Volunteer Helen Goodman

YAA Volunteer: Helen Goodman

‘I have been supporting the YAA for the last two years as they had been my work’s chosen charity and I wanted to carry on supporting them so I decided I would volunteer in my spare time outside of work.

I became a volunteer at the end of March, just as the country went in to lockdown which means I haven’t been to any volunteer events yet, but I am really looking forward to getting involved and helping as well as meeting new people and raising valuable funds.’

Image of YAA Volunteer Helen Goodman

Image of YAA Volunteers Andrew Stockdale and Rosemary Wood

YAA Volunteers: Andy Stockdale and Rosemary Wood

‘We both retired at the end of 2015 having had very busy careers. We began volunteering for the YAA in January 2016.

We attend lots of events, often ‘with’ Polly and Percy , the YAA mascots and Herby the Helicopter who I made.

As well as the YAA merchandise that you can find in the online shop, we also sell my craft work on our stalls. These are mainly knitted items and two years ago I was awarded knitter of the year by a top knitting magazine for one of the YAA mascots that I had knitted.’


YAA Volunteer: Grace Lawes

I joined the YAA in 2016 as I wanted to do something worthwhile with my free time.

I mainly help out at public events such as manning the stalls and marshalling. I enjoy volunteering with YAA, there’s no pressure and everyone is really friendly.

We always have a good laugh at events and it’s amazing to see the generosity and kindness of the public.


If you would like to find out more about volunteering for Yorkshire Air Ambulance, please click HERE to go to our main volunteering page.

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