Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Application Form

Please ensure that the role you would like to apply for is available in your local area before completing this form. You can find details of the roles currently available here.

Please note that all Yorkshire Air Ambulance volunteers must be aged 18 years, or over.

GDPR & our Recruitment Privacy Statement:

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance complies by law with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.  The Recruitment Privacy Statement advises you of how the Charity collects and processes your personal data.  It also declares how the Charity will comply with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.  Please ensure you read the statement before completing and submitting your application.

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Please provide details of someone who could be contacted in case of an emergency.


Are you currently employed or volunteering? Please provide details below of your current employment or previous experience in the last 2 years.


Please detail any specialist knowledge, interests, skills or relevant qualifications/experience you have.

Are there any particular skills you would like to develop by volunteering for YAA?


Why do you want to volunteer for Yorkshire Air Ambulance?




Reference checks are a standard part of our volunteer selection process. Please provide the name and contact details of two people who are not family members and who are willing to act as referees for your chosen voluntary work position.

Ideally these should be people you have worked for (either as a volunteer or as an employee) or a person of good standing in the community.

Your referee should not:

  • Be related to you by birth or marriage
  • Be in a personal relationship with you
  • Live at the same address as you

Please note that your references will be contacted if you are successful at the application stage. We will also carry out a general online lifestyle check.





  • I acknowledge that I am volunteering entirely at my own risk and that Yorkshire Air Ambulance shall not be liable in any way for any injury or loss that might occur as a result of my activities other than as a result of Yorkshire Air Ambulance negligence
  • I certify that the information I have given is complete and accurate and I understand that any false information/omission given on this form may render my appointment as a volunteer invalid and lead to my disassociation with the Charity
  • I also agree to abide by the rules of YAA and conform to their expectations of a volunteer and I also recognise that my actions and deeds could affect the reputation and standing of the Charity and therefore agree to act responsibly at all times
  • I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information given above is correct 
  • Should any of the above information change during the course of my volunteering, I confirm I will inform the Charity
  • In considering this application I hereby consent to the Charity carrying out searches of public records and the processing of personal data, including any sensitive personal data, as defined in the Data Protection Act 2018 and under new GDPR regulations.
  • I have read the Charity's Recruitment Privacy Statement and understand how my personal data will be processed. 


Yorkshire Air Ambulance is committed to equal opportunities and all volunteer recruitment decisions will be based on merit, suitability for the role, the positions available, and experience. All volunteer recruitment decisions will not be influenced by race, colour, nationality, religion, gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, disability or age. Yorkshire Air Ambulance fully endorse a working environment free from discrimination and harassment.

If you require any adjustments as part of the volunteer application or selection process, please let us know by emailing volunteer@yaa.org.uk.