Join the Yorkshire Air Ambulance team and check our yearly calendar of events across Yorkshire!

Image showing a hot chocolate day for Yorkshire Air Ambulance

YAA Events

Get involved with the YAA events - Help turn Yorkshire yellow or warm up the region with mugs of hot chocolate, all whilst raising vital funds for YAA!

Scheduled Helicopter Visits

Due to the current Covid-19 situation we currently have no scheduled helicopter visits. As the situation changes and visits are arranged you will find details of them here.

Run, walk, leap, cycle, swim

Get involved with our running, walking, cycling, swimming and sky diving events and support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Image showing race horse and jocked on a race course

Corporate events

Make saving lives part of your business and see how you can get involved.

Image of a Yorkshire Air Ambulance Community Event

Community events

From Glass slipper balls & Afternoon Tea to Craft Fairs and Coffee Mornings, our supporters all around Yorkshire will have an event for you!


JAN 21

An image of a hot chocolate in a Yorkshire Air Ambulance mug
YAA Events

YAA Hot Chocolate Day

YAA Hot Chocolate Day


APR 21

Benidorm Bangers Rally Graphic


APR 21

Yorkshire air ambulance charity horse race night
Community events

Race Night at Bubwith Leisure Centre

Horse racing night at Bubwith Leisure Centre