Helicopter Visits

Helicopter Visits

Every year, Yorkshire Air Ambulance receives an overwhelming number of requests to showcase our magnificent helicopters at various events throughout the region, with the majority of these thrilling displays taking place during the vibrant summer months.

While our operational procedures dictate that we can only accommodate a limited number of visits each year, our dedicated Fundraising Team works tirelessly to ensure that these events are nothing short of spectacular. Planning for these exciting experiences typically kicks off at the start of each year, in January.

Fundraises in front of helicopter

Similarly, the helicopter may be called away at any moment to attend an incident, meaning Yorkshire Air Ambulance can only provisionally confirm its attendance. If, however, the Air Ambulance is unable to attend, it will be due to an unforeseen emergency circumstance on the day.

Scheduled Helicopter Visits

Get ready to meet our crew and see our lifesaving helicopters up close during one of our many scheduled helicopter visits across the region.

Fundraise for Us

Help keep our air ambulances soaring high over Yorkshire by helping us to raise the vital funds required to keep our service operational. Find out how you can make a difference today!



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