Tessa Klemz

Regional Fundraising Manager (North and East)

Tessa Klemz is our Regional Fundraising Manager for the North and East regions. She joined the Charity in 2019 as North Region Community Fundraiser and was promoted to Regional Fundraiser in 2022. Tessa was promoted to her current role in January 2024.

“I love the variety of the role and never knowing what each day is going to bring, who I’m going to speak to and whether I’m going to come home with £2, £20, £200 or £2,000. I enjoy meeting all sorts of people with wonderful stories (some not always so happy) and having the opportunity to travel around beautiful North Yorkshire…whatever the weather. YAA is such a well-respected and valued charity”, said Tessa.

In her spare time, Tessa enjoys walking her dog Widget and trying to keep up with her sons on their mountain bikes. She also likes cooking, pilates, gardening, music and travel.

Interesting fact: Tessa volunteered at a self-help project charity in KwaZulu Natal in South Africa for six months in her early 20s.  There were sewing projects, pre-school feeding schemes, poultry projects, brick-making projects and vegetable planting.  One time she was driving on her own to a village and got stuck in the mud about ½ mile from her destination.  The local tractor had a flat tyre so a very friendly local organised his four donkeys who managed to pull her out.

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