Phil Larkins


Introducing Phil Larkins from Doncaster, an experienced pilot who joined our crew in October 2023. Phil’s journey towards the skies began at a remarkably early age, earning his Private Pilot’s License at age 17 before he held a full driving license.

His flying career has spanned the globe, commencing in the Royal Navy, flying the Lynx from Frigates and Destroyers. He later served in the Royal New Zealand Navy, where he completed an exchange tour in Australia. After leaving the military, Phil extended his wings to cover commercial operations in various parts of the world, from the Middle East to Iran, Sudan, Libya, and most recently Brunei.

Beyond his professional life, Phil treasures moments spent with his family and friends. He’s a keen cycling enthusiast, even if the great British weather occasionally presents challenges. The gym and golf also hold a special place in his leisure activities. He’s not a stranger to athletic feats, having competed in the London Triathlon on two occasions.

Phil’s life has been marked by extraordinary experiences, in a remarkable feat, he has touched down on an iceberg in the Antarctic Ocean, a testament to the incredible places aviation has taken him.


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