Josh Adams


Originally from East Yorkshire, Josh, who now lives just East of Doncaster, joined YAA in March 2023.

During his school years, the Cadets, of which Josh was a member, hosted some CCF (Combined Cadet Force) training. As part of the course, they visited an RAF base which planted the seed for Josh’s future career ambitions.

After obtaining his private pilot licence in the UK, Josh gained his commercial pilot’s licence in Orlando Florida following a 14-month course. After returning from sunny California, Josh worked as an offshore pilot on oil rigs around the UK’s East Coast.

It was later in his career, whilst working for Specialist Aviation Services, that Josh got his first taste of HEMS work, with the Children’s Air Ambulance service.

Josh said, ‘A close family friend of mine is an ex-patient of YAA and hearing about all the lifesaving work the crew carries out each day made me feel really passionate to continue to use my skills to help people’.

Being a father of two keeps Josh very busy outside of work, but when he gets the chance to hop on his motorcycle, he relishes the opportunity.

Interesting fact: Josh is a keen landscape photographer, and carried out a foundation degree at Leeds College of Art.

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