Clare Deacon

North Regional Fundraiser

Clare Deacon is one of our Community Fundraisers in the North region. She joined the Charity in January 2020, initially working in our North region as Community Fundraiser, before moving to West in 2022. Clare moved back to North as Regional Fundraiser in January 2024.

“I enjoy working with people. Spreading the message of what we do whilst often meeting people who have been lifted is heart-warming and constantly reminds me of the need for such an important service”, said Clare.

In her spare time Clare is the chair of her local pre-school and likes being involved with the area she lives in. She also enjoys the great outdoors – working in and around Yorkshire is a dream come true for Clare.

Interesting fact: Clare ran her own busy Post Office for thirteen years. She was one of only 500 Customer Relationship Managers in the whole network, of 11,500 offices.

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