Adele Garland

Social Media Executive

Introducing Adele Garland, our vibrant and talented Social Media Executive. With her infectious energy and creative flair, Adele takes the reins of our online platforms, weaving her magic to engage and captivate audiences. From our crew of pilots and paramedics to our fundraising teams and head office staff, she effortlessly brings everyone together to create captivating content that spreads joy and raises awareness of our vital missions.

Adele’s professional journey began in the field of Marketing, but she embarked on an exciting detour, completing a PGCE and venturing into primary school teaching. However, her passion for marketing drew her back to the field when she joined our YAA marketing team in June 2022.

Beyond her digital endeavours, Adele cherishes the time spent with her teenage daughters. They often enjoy leisurely walks together, seizing the opportunity to take photographs of their beautiful surroundings.

An interesting fact about Adele is that her heart is captivated by Italy. She dreams of one day having her own little stone cottage in the charming region of Tuscany. Adele is currently dedicating herself to learning the Italian language, eagerly anticipating the day when she can fully immerse herself in the warm embrace of Italia.

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