Abby Barmby

Director of Marketing & Communications

Abby is our Director of Marketing & Communications. She is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Marketing & Communications department at the Charity.

Anything with the YAA brand on falls under Abby’s responsibility along with the website, social media channels, internal and external communications, PR, Media, all our literature, merchandise, and events that we organise, amongst other duties.

She is supported in the Marketing Department by a great team – Leanne Seward (Creative Marketing & Brand Manager), Angela Brearley (Digital Marketing Manager), Adele Garland (Social Media Executive), and Rebecca Martin (Marketing Assistant).

Abby joined the Yorkshire Air Ambulance in December 2008 after previously working in advertising agencies and as a Marketing Manager for a Construction company. Not a native of Yorkshire, Abby now regards herself as an honorary Yorkshire lass after marrying a Yorkshire lad. When not at work, Abby is kept busy with her young son and daughter.

Interesting fact: Abby was once featured in the Sunday Mail after she won an award at High School.  The article was about a controversial scene in the Titanic movie when William Murdoch, the ship’s First Officer was portrayed as taking his own life when actually this wasn’t the case.  Both Abby and William Murdoch are from Dalbeattie in Scotland. The town was in an uproar when the movie was released, which also happened to be the same year Abby won the William Murdoch Memorial medal!  The controversy was picked up by national media, resulting in an article in the Sunday Mail by Dorothy Grace-Elder which featured Abby!

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