Ellie Hargreaves

On the 1st September 2018, 17 year old Ellie Hargreaves experienced a life threatening motorcycle accident in Wath-upon-dearne, when her bike collided with a metal gate after it failed to stop.

Emergency services arrived on the scene within minutes and initial observations revealed that Ellie was in a critical condition.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance flew Ellie to Sheffield Northern General Hospital, where she put into an induced coma.

Tests revealed that she had suffered two broken bones in her C1 and C2 neck region, a broken collar bone, broken ribs and a snapped jaw. Ellie was in hospital for over a month and had surgery to fix her injuries.

Ellie, said: “I had cuts and bruises all over my body and doctors didn’t know whether my head was attached to my body and didn’t know if I paralysed.  The work that the Yorkshire Air Ambulance paramedics did prevented any of that from happening to me.”

She continued: “Luckily I’m here today and able to tell my story.  My recovery has been a long one and I still have to wear a collar around my neck, but apart from that I’m doing amazing well and I’m also now pregnant!”

“If it wasn’t for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, my family would have lost a daughter, step daughter, sister, auntie, cousin, niece, granddaughter, friend and fiancée.  I’m forever grateful for the help of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.”