Benjamin Booth

Michelle Booth and her family, from Huddersfield, were enjoying a summers day out to Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire, a place they had been visiting for the last nine years, when her son had a dramatic fall.

Benjamin Booth, aged 16, who had mastered bouldering from a young age, misplaced his footing and fell 40ft from the rocks. His 12 year old sister witnessed the fall, along with strangers who rushed to his aid.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance flew Benjamin to Leeds General Infirmary, where doctors discovered that he had fractured his pelvis in two places, fractured the bottom of his spine along with his wrist.

Medics were amazed at Benjamin’s relatively minimal injuries considering how far he fell, and couldn’t believe what happened. Benjamin is still coming to terms with his ordeal, but physically, he has made a remarkable recovery.

Michelle said: “Benjamin is steadily bouncing back and his x-rays are looking good. We’ve always supported the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, but having a firsthand experience of their work was surreal. We are grateful for what they did that day.”