Using our logo for fundraising events and promotional purposes

Thank you for choosing to support our Charity – we are very grateful for your support.

It is important that you use the correct version of our logo on your promotional and marketing materials to ensure people are clear that you are raising monies in aid of us, but are not representing us directly, or are employed by the Charity.

You will be supplied with the ‘Proud to Support’ version of our logo without the copyright watermark, which has been created specifically for public use.

You should never copy a version of our logo from the internet (including our website) or use a search engine to locate one as most often it will be incorrect or a poor version/poor quality.

We also request that any materials where the logo is used are sent to your YAA contact to approve before publishing. This is to ensure it is being used correctly.

There are three colourways of the logo available – the standard red version which should be the first choice for use, a white version for use on a red background and a black version, only to be used when the other two versions are unsuitable.

COPYRIGHT Proud to support YAA Logo red on whiteCopyright - Proud to support YAA Logo white on redCOPYRIGHT Proud to support YAA Logo black on white

The logo must only be used as provided, and not recreated, distorted, stretched or altered in any way.

When making reference to us in your marketing materials, you can state: “name of event, raising funds in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance.”

Upon being sent the logo for your use, we will use the details of your event to log you and your event on our system, to support you where appropriate, and follow up when the event is completed.

Our logo should never be used where activities are deemed to be illegal, are harmful pursuits or where our reputation could be brought into disrepute.

We reserve the right to refuse the use of our logo at any time where we are concerned about its use.

To request the use of our logo, please complete the form below. Once complete, we will review your request and be in touch as soon as possible:

For specific queries or further information, please contact:

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