Cannon Hall Farm Continues to Paw-ssist YAA’s Mission

Cannon Hall Farm, situated in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, has once again fortified Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s (YAA) mission with an £800 donation from the proceeds of their recent litter of puppies.

Pip, the cherished sheepdog residing at Cannon Hall Farm, joyously welcomed a litter of eight adorable puppies affectionately named ‘The Pip Squeaks’ into the world. Opting not to prioritise profits from the sale, the farm’s compassionate team consciously allocated funds from each puppy’s sale to various charities close to their hearts.

Among these charities, £800 was generously directed to Yorkshire Air Ambulance, reaffirming Cannon Hall Farm’s steadfast commitment to bolstering crucial emergency services across the region.

Laura Lawton, South Regional Fundraiser for Yorkshire Air Ambulance, expressed gratitude for the heartfelt donation after meeting with the farm’s team. She remarked, “It’s been an absolute delight meeting Pip; she’s a fantastic dog, and her pups are simply adorable. I wish each of the ‘Pip Squeaks’ the very best in their new lives in their forever homes!

On behalf of everyone at YAA, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible team at Cannon Hall Farm. Their unwavering dedication to our cause is truly commendable. Their generous contribution will play a crucial role in ensuring that we can continue to be there for those who rely on us during critical times.”