YAA Fight to Save the Life of a Pensioner Who Was Crushed by a Runaway Trailer

Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s indispensable role in preserving the life of a resilient senior citizen crushed by a runaway trailer takes centre stage in an upcoming “Helicopter ER” episode.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s vital role in saving the life of a 72-year-old, Ivor Parlett, who was crushed by a runaway trailer, will be showcased in an upcoming episode of “Helicopter ER.” The incident highlights the exceptional medical expertise of YAA’s critical care team during a high-stakes operation.

As Ivor was making his usual walk home from the supermarket in Thorne, Doncaster, a detached trailer veered onto the pavement, pinning him against a concrete wall, putting his life in jeopardy.

Upon receiving a distress call from a local paramedic at the scene, Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s critical care team quickly responded from their Nostell Air Base in Wakefield. Local police who had arrived at the scene first, removed the trailer from Ivor, revealing the severity of his injuries, which included a nearly complete below-the-knee amputation, a severe right-sided chest injury, and a significant neck laceration.

During the journey, the critical care team administered blood clotting medication to counteract the effects of Ivor’s usual blood-thinning medication. This step was crucial due to the significant blood loss at the scene, which put immense pressure on Ivor’s heart, posing the risk of a heart attack. Recognising this, Dr. Steve initiated a life-saving blood transfusion en route.

Upon arrival at Sheffield Northern, a full trauma team was assembled and awaiting Ivor.. He was taken directly to the resuscitation area, where the team continued the relentless fight to save his life.

Regrettably, the team couldn’t save Ivor’s leg, and he required a full amputation, subsequently receiving a prosthetic in its place. Additionally, Ivor suffered broken ribs, a punctured lung, a fractured spine, and lost hearing in both ears.

Throughout the ordeal, Ivor remains profoundly grateful to Yorkshire Air Ambulance crews who rallied to his aid. Although the accident reshaped his life, his determination to cherish what he has is unwavering. He said, “I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be alive and to still be here today. Dr. Steve and the YAA team played a vital role in saving my life during the journey to the hospital, and their dedication and expertise are beyond measure. Yorkshire Air Ambulance is an exceptional charity, and I am incredibly grateful.

Regarding my amputation, I’ve come to realise that life can throw unexpected challenges our way, and we must adapt. I’ve accepted my new reality and am determined to make the most of it. You learn to adjust, don’t you? I’m focused on embracing this new chapter and making it the best it can be.