YAA Helps Promising Young Cricketer in a Remarkable Rescue Mission

Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s critical care team (YAA) have once again showcased their remarkable medical skills in a rescue mission involving Brendan Jackson, a 15-year-old promising cricketer. This inspiring story will be showcased in an upcoming episode of the popular TV series, “Helicopter ER,” which returns to screens on October 6th.

Known for his cricketing talent, Brendan was in the middle of a game at the historic Walton Park Cricket Club, near Wetherby when disaster struck. Whilst bowling his third over, Brendan’s studs caught in the crease, resulting in a horrific snapped ankle. The incident set the stage for an extraordinary response from YAA.

The call for help was answered swiftly as a YAA helicopter was dispatched from their Topcliffe Air Base in Thirsk, covering a 20-mile journey by air to reach the cricket pitch. The Walton Cricket Club, steeped in over a century of cricket history, became an unexpected scene for a dramatic rescue.

Upon arrival, YAA paramedics found Brendan on the pitch, supported by his mother, Diane Sharp, and a doctor who was present with the opposing team. The doctor had stepped in to provide immediate assistance and made the initial 999 call. Brendan’s injury was severe; not only had he dislocated his ankle, but he had also fractured both bones in his lower leg. This raised grave concerns with the medical crew about potential complications due to reduced blood supply and potential nerve damage.

To alleviate Brendan’s excruciating pain, Paramedics administered gas and air. However, the extent of his injury necessitated stronger medication. Ketamine was carefully administered, taking into account Brendan’s age and weight as he was still considered a child at 15 years old. Ketamine not only relieved Brendan’s pain but also had a dissociative effect, helping him cope with the traumatic experience.

With Brendan’s shoes and socks removed, YAA paramedics expertly realigned his leg using a mouldable vacuum splint, ensuring stability during transportation.

Looking back on his accident, Brendan said, “I remember my first reaction vividly; it was a mix of shock and fear. I just looked down, and all I could think was, ‘Oh my word, what has happened, and will I ever be able to play cricket again?’ It was a terrifying moment for me. When the Yorkshire Air Ambulance team showed up, it was a massive relief. They were like superheroes, and I’m so grateful for how they were able to take away some of my pain. I can’t thank them enough for being there.”

The decision was made to transport Brendan to Harrogate District Hospital via land ambulance, a journey of approximately 30 minutes. At the hospital, Brendan underwent surgery to pin and plate his ankle.

It was a very traumatic day,” said Diane, Brendan’s mother, reflecting on the harrowing incident. “I didn’t see his leg initially; I just thought he had tripped. But once I heard him shouting in agony, I knew I had to rush over and keep him as calm as possible until more help arrived.”

Diane continued, “The worst thing for me was hearing him scream when they moved his ankle into the splint. It was heartbreaking as a parent to witness him in so much pain. But when I heard the air ambulance coming, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. They were the first to arrive on the scene, and I knew they would be able to help relieve him of the excruciating pain he was suffering.” she shared.

Despite the challenges, his unwavering determination shines through as he plans to make a triumphant return to competitive sports in the near future.

In the upcoming Helicopter ER episode on October 6th, viewers will witness three gripping incidents, including Brendan Jackson’s remarkable rescue, a grandmother’s car accident, and a severe road collision involving a paramedic.