Grateful Teenage Equestrian Credits YAA for Saving Her Leg

Emily Stocks, a dedicated equestrian from a young age, has extended her profound gratitude to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) paramedics who played a pivotal role in saving her leg following a serious horse-riding accident. The incident, which left Emily severely injured, showcased the crucial role of YAA’s swift response and expert care in preserving her leg and enabling her remarkable journey to recovery.

Whilst riding a friend’s spirited Irish Draft horse named Rosie in an outdoor paddock, Emily’s world took an unexpected turn as Rosie suddenly bucked, throwing Emily to the ground, resulting in a serious and complex femur fracture. YAA’s rapid response was instrumental as the team of paramedics administered the powerful pain relief drug, ketamine, skilfully reliving her pain, whilst they straightened and immobilised her leg with a vacuum splint. The decision to airlift Emily to Sheffield Children’s Hospital proved paramount in ensuring her leg’s best chance for recovery.

Upon hospital arrival, the extent of Emily’s injuries became evident as her leg was nearly two inches shorter than its counterpart, necessitating an overnight weighted traction to gently realign her it before the impending, intricate surgery. The surgical procedure involved the insertion of a metal rod and strategic pins in her femur, hip, and knee to facilitate optimal healing.

Emily’s resilience shone during her ten-day hospital stay and subsequent 11-month journey to recovery, marked by challenges including a blood transfusion due to low iron levels. Her story, highlighted on Season 8 of “Helicopter ER,” highlighted the vital role YAA play in rapid medical intervention, contributing significantly to improved patient outcomes.

Emily has since embarked on a new chapter, wishing to help people with sports injuries similar to her own, enrolling as a student at the University of Bedford, where she is now studying Sports Therapy, with the ultimate aspiration to attain a master’s degree in canine and equine physiotherapy.

Emily has also raised nearly £800 during an event held at her stables to support Yorkshire Air Ambulance. This gesture serves as a symbol of her heartfelt appreciation for the dedicated crew who responded on that crucial day. The event’s overwhelming success has prompted Emily to consider establishing it as an annual tradition, further solidifying her enduring connection with the cause.

Reflecting on her experience, Emily shared, “My accident was a huge turning point in my life. The Yorkshire Air Ambulance team’s amazing care put me right at ease. I really don’t think my leg would’ve healed so well without them showing up as fast as they did. I can still remember watching the helicopter land by the paddock and thinking, ‘Yep, these guys are going to help save me!’ I’m fully committed to taking what I went through and turning it into something positive to help others. I want to give back and support the charity that made such a big difference on one of the worst days of my life.”