Yorkshire Air Ambulance Crew Challenges Supporters Across Yorkshire to ‘Hike4Helis’

Yorkshire Air Ambulance is excited to announce the launch of its annual Hike4Helis campaign, a thrilling active challenge that calls upon their supporters to embark on a journey spanning the distance between their two air bases – a total of 33 miles – or the round trip of 66 miles.

Now in its 3rd year, Hike4Helis aims to raise vital funds for the life-saving charity, ensuring the helicopters can continue their missions across Yorkshire.

Throughout the entire month of September, the YAA Crew challenges individuals, groups, and communities across Yorkshire to participate in the sponsored challenge. The distance of 33 miles between the Nostell and Topcliffe airbases can be completed at an average pace of 1.1 miles each day. For those seeking an additional challenge, the round trip of 66 miles can be accomplished at an average pace of 2.2 miles each day.

Participants are not only encouraged to accumulate their miles through traditional hiking, walking, and running, but also to embrace their creativity and choose from a variety of activities. Whether it’s cycling through scenic Yorkshire routes, swimming laps in a pool, or even engaging in adventurous pursuits such as paddleboarding or canoeing, participants have the freedom to select the mode that most resonates with them and to be inclusive to all.

Additionally, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance team will be eagerly watching out for participants with the most unique costumes throughout the month, adding an element of fun and excitement to the challenge.

Upon completing the challenge, participants will receive an official YAA Hike4Helis certificate, recognising their achievement. The YAA encourages participants to share their progress and updates on social media platforms, using the hashtag #Hike4Helis, to inspire others and showcase the collective determination and commitment to the cause.

In addition to inviting supporters and communities to join the Hike4Helis challenge, the dedicated YAA Crew will lead by example, actively participating in the challenge by walking and running around the perimeters of the two YAA air bases. Furthermore, the enthusiasm has spread across various teams within the charity, as the head office and fundraising teams will be showcasing a unified commitment to the reaching their target miles and further amplifying the impact of Hike4Helis.

Sam Berridge, HEMS Paramedic said, “Being a part of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance team has shown me firsthand the incredible impact our helicopters have on saving lives across the region. Hike4Helis is not only an exciting challenge but also a fantastic opportunity for our supporters of all abilities to come together and make a difference. Every challenge undertaken and every mile covered brings us closer to ensuring our vital service continues. I encourage everyone to join us on this incredible journey and help us raise crucial funds for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.”

For more information about how you can get involved with Hike4Helis, or to download our Hike4helis guide, please visit click here.