Cyclist avoids losing his foot thanks to swift arrival of Yorkshire Air Ambulance

The story of a relaxing bike ride gone wrong will be featured in the next episode of Helicopter ER – the reality TV series featuring the life-saving work of Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Cameron Durdy, 24, was cycling home from his busy job as a chef when he hit a cattle grid, catapulting him 15 feet over the side of a bridge and leading him to break both bones in his leg after landing on a rocky stream bed.

The injury was serious, with bones piercing his skin and the possibility of losing his foot if medics didn’t act quickly.

With no service on his phone and landing in a remote location in Swaledale, Cameron was forced to shout at the top of his lungs for almost half an hour before passers-by heard him and called an ambulance.

Cameron said: “The feeling of the fall was very strange – It was almost like suddenly waking up. I wasn’t aware of how much pain I was in at that exact moment, or how serious my injury was, but I knew that something enormous had happened to me. It was the biggest impact I had ever experienced, and I knew I needed to get help as quickly as possible.”

He was tended to by the local mountain rescue team until medics from Yorkshire Air Ambulance arrived on the scene, where his leg was straightened and put back into alignment.

He was then airlifted 34 miles to the Major Trauma Centre at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesborough – a journey that would have taken over an hour by road but took just 20 minutes by air.

During the helicopter flight, the painkillers kicked in and the medics were serenaded by Cameron throughout the journey.

He is now back on his feet after undergoing gruelling surgery and a long recovery period, which he spent focusing on his music – particularly playing the bassoon and the bass.

Incredibly grateful for the help he received from the Yorkshire Air Ambulance team, Cameron said:

“They were amazing and without them, I’m not even sure I’d be able to walk now – I’m so grateful. They really looked after me and made me feel so safe. They explained everything very thoroughly and I knew even if it was uncomfortable, it would be alright. And they put up with my singing in the helicopter for 20 minutes, which is very commendable!

“They did a spectacular job, and it shows how important it is to keep supporting and donating to Yorkshire Air Ambulance to keep it running and helping people like me, who wouldn’t be where they are without this life-saving service. There isn’t a way to describe how lucky I feel and how thankful I am.”

His story features in Friday’s Helicopter ER – the first episode in the ninth series of the award-winning programme which is made by Air TV for Warner Brothers Discovery.

The episode, which airs on Friday 3rd February 2023 at 9 pm on Quest, also features a couple whose car rolled eight times after being involved in a crash on a busy motorway, and a woman who suffered an ankle fracture after a dog walking misadventure.

Quest is available on Freeview 12, Sky 144, Virgin 169, and Freesat 172.

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