A Huddersfield teen who collided with a car to appear on Helicopter ER this week

A Huddersfield teenager knocked off his bike whilst cycling home from school is set to appear on Helicopter ER this week.

14-year-old Conor Morgan was cycling home from school with his twin brother to his home near Brackenhall when he collided with a car coming out of a junction. He was trapped under the car in the pouring rain until the ambulance arrived.

Due to his nasty leg injury, Yorkshire Air Ambulance dispatched their helicopter with a consultant and specialist Paramedics on board. An examination on-scene revealed that Conor had severely fractured his femur and had to have his leg manipulated back into place in the back of an ambulance before being taken to hospital for further treatment

Speaking of his incident, Conor said: “My brother called mum and the police, and a couple of minutes later the ambulance came and I was put on the stretcher and taken to the hospital. My brother is my twin brother and we’ve been together 14 years, my time in the hospital was the first time I was away from him for a few days.”

Jovana Morgan, Conor’s mum said: “I was quite shocked and taken aback to see the helicopter and I thought it must have been serious for them to land.”

A decision was made for Conor to be taken to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary via land ambulance, a short journey from where he had his accident. He was rushed into surgery where surgeons fixed his thigh bone with metal rods, and he spent three days in the hospital.

It has been a long and tough recovery for Conor as he had to learn to walk again, initially with a walking frame and then on crutches. “It was very painful. I started with a frame and then I moved on to two crutches and then one crutch. It took six or seven months until my leg was healed”, said Conor.

But as Conor wasn’t wearing a helmet, the outcome could have been much worse. He has since made a full recovery, but the impact of the incident has left both Conor and his brother cautious about using their bicycles.

Speaking of Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Jovana said: “They are a very valuable resource and if Conor had been much worse, it was good to know that there was an alternative mode of transport to get him the treatment he required.”

Yorkshire Air Ambulance provides a life-saving rapid response emergency service to five million people across four million acres of Yorkshire.