Announcement – registration marks of the new 2023 helicopters

Following the announcement last year that we will be replacing our current Airbus H145 helicopters with the next generation aircraft by the end of Summer 2023, we are excited to finally announce the distinctive registrations of our new fleet.

We will be welcoming to Yorkshire, G-YAAA and G-YORX, the new 5-bladed versions of the upgraded H145 model we currently operate.

The new registration marks will be unique to the YAA and are a fitting tribute to the Charity and God’s own County in which we operate.  YAAA reflective as an acronym of Yorkshire Air Ambulance (with an extra A!) and YORX to encompass Yorkshire.

G-YAAA will arrive in the UK later this year before beginning its medical fit-out at Airbus HQ in Oxford and will be due in Yorkshire to begin operational service in Spring 2023.   G-YORX will follow into service by early Summer.

Watch this space for further updates!