‘You Give, We Give’ Investing in the Yorkshire Air Ambulance with Greenfinch

There are many ways in which you can donate to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, whether you donate directly or through a third party website such as Just Giving, Virgin Money or Facebook Fundraising.

One of the newest and most innovative ways you can donate to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance is through Greenfinch, an online investments platform, which doesn’t cost you a penny.

The Greenfinch ‘You Give We Give’ scheme enables you to invest part of the interest from your investment savings to a charity of your choice.

Let’s say you have a portfolio valued at £20,000 on the first day of 2019. By New Year’s Eve 2019, this value has risen by 5% to £21,000.*

Because you’ve decided to donate 10% of your gain to Yorkshire Air Ambulance, the charity receives a gift of £100, along with 10% of TAM Asset Management’s annual fee. You’ve made money, Yorkshire Air Ambulance has received a sizable donation, and everyone wins.

At any time, you can change your charity of choice and your donation amount. This gives you superior control and flexibility over your giving – without requiring direct involvement from you (unless you’re feeling particularly hands-on). TAM Asset Management will break down the precise structure of payments in a letter every year. If you choose to provide your details, Yorkshire Air Ambulance will also be able to claim Gift Aid, increasing the amount it receives even more.