BIU Group launch their Milestone Scheme!

In order to recieve generous donations of old textiles, clothing banks must be hosted by secure and easily accessible sites. These sites include supermarkets large and small, carparks and other public areas. Hosting these banks means that charities such as ourselves and the BIU Group are able to continue recieving and generating this service.

The BIU Group Milestone Scheme recognises the generosity and hard work of site hosts who host a BIU textile recycling bank to raise money for their local charity. The Milestone Scheme is divided into 4 categories and calculated across 12 months from the 1st January each year.

If a clothing bank on a site has over 600 bags donated they will be awarded Bronze status, an end of year thankyou certificate will be issued and displayed to bronze status sites. Silver staus is awarded when a site reaches over 1200 bags, sites of whom will then recieve social media thankyous and coverage as well as a certificate.

A site that hosts a bag that has over 2400 bags donated will be awarded Gold status. For those that reach Gold status, BIU will add photos of the bank and site, cover on social media and issue a display certificate. Finally should a site host have a bank overflowing with 3000+ bags of textiles donated that site will then be awarded Platinum status. In this case BIU Group will ask the charity partner to issue a press release to celebrate the fantastic achievment, including a photo.

This scheme is aimed at raising money for local charities, showing gratitude for local site hosts and looking after the local communities. For more information about the scheme you can contact