Dixie & Gayle's All Day Christmas Party – Real Radio

We are delighted to be Real Radio Yorkshire’s chosen charity for their All Day Christmas Party which is to take place on the 13th December.

Dixie, Gayle & their brave breakfast team will be hosting the whole day from 6am right through to 7pm! They have organised a full day of crazy challenges and guest stars – there’s plenty of ways for everyone to get involved.

The rest of the Real Radio team will also be out and about across the area, trying to gather as much money as possible and visiting many of the hardworking fundraisers along the way.

Why not make a jingle for Dixie and Gayle to show your support? The 13th December is all about raising as much money as possible, so the Real Radio team have bowed out of spending money making jingles – this is where you come in.

Get your workmates together, your class, club or friends and come up with a jingle that Dixie & Gayle can play at the All Day Christmas Party. They’re not after an advert, just something short and sweet that lets people know exactly what they’re listening to.

You can be as creative as you like, the only thing you need to qualify is the following line:

“Dixie & Gayle’s All Day Christmas Party on Real Radio- Raising Money for The Yorkshire Air Ambulance”

You could sing it, say it, shout it, whisper it but whatever you do RECORD it and email your effort to breakfast@realradio.co.uk.

The Real Radio Team will play as many as they can on the day so make sure your listening to hear yours!

This is a fantastic opportunity for YAA and we are so pleased to be the chosen charity!

You can start sending your donations in now, text REAL05 to 70070 to donate £5 or make sure you’re listening to Real Radio on 13th December or keep following YAA's social media to find out how else you can be involved on the day!