Friends Complete Pool Marathon In Aid Of YAA

A group of friends have completed a 36 hour pool marathon to raise funds for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The six players picked up their cues on 10am last Monday, finishing at 10pm the following night.

Peter Argument, who took part in the challenge, said they had completed a 24 hour marathon last year and had decided to add an extra 12 hours this time. "The Yorkshire Air Ambulance is such a good cause and we do need it, particularly covering Dalby Forest and the moors," he said. "It is such a wonderful charity to support and we felt we had to increase the challenge to get people to support us."

Peter said the pool marathon took place at the Buck Inn, Thornton le Dale, where many of the group play for the pub pool team. "A lot of local people came to support us and the staff at the pub were absolutely fantastic – real heroes," he said. "Everyone gave us encouragement to keep going and we also had staff from the Yorkshire Air Ambulance on Twitter encouraging us as well." Peter said they had hit a number of "walls" during the marathon, particularly during the hours of the morning. "It was worst at about 4am or 5am when it was still dark and the time seemed to drag but when we felt like giving up we thought about why we were doing it," he said. "When we finished we had a pint and then all went home for a sleep – it was really exhausting."

Peter said they had raised about £700 and hoped people would continue to make a donation at the Buck Inn or directly to the YAA. We know times are hard but we really want to raise as much as we can for this really worthy cause," he added.