Clarification on reports of bogus YAA door knocking…

During the last week, we have had quite a few phone calls into Charity HQ asking if we have sent people out door knocking asking supporters to sign up for a lottery scheme.

Given that the Yorkshire Air Ambulance has never ever used door knocking as part of our fundraising strategy, we have become increasing concerned about these bogus YAA representatives.

To clarify, the YAA would never send any staff or volunteers door knocking asking you to sign up to a lottery scheme or make a regular donation to the charity. This is something we have never done, nor do we have any imminent plans to do so.

From the little information we have gathered about these people, we understand that they are representing a fundraising organisation who are based outside of Yorkshire. We have been informed that their representatives are telling our supporters, they are from the YAA. However, we can confirm that they are most definitely not from the YAA.

Official staff and volunteers from the YAA will almost definitely carry our official ID badge, and will usually be wearing some form of YAA branded clothing (including our logo, and whether they are charity staff, or a registered volunteer)

We are sad that there are people masquerading as YAA representatives, but hope this little briefing will help to clarify the situation.

If you are approached by someone claiming to be from the YAA, and you are suspicious of their motives, please feel free to call charity HQ on 01422 237900 and we can confirm whether they are official YAA representatives or not.

Thank you to all our supporters for your continued support.

Best wishes from all at the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.