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Helicopter Visits



The Yorkshire Air Ambulance gets inundated each year with requests for us to bring our helicopters to visit various events across the region, the majority of which take place throughout the summer months.

Due to operating procedures we can only attend a certain number of events each year.  It is the responsibility of our Fundraising Team to coordinate intended visits, and this is planned at the start of each year.

We are encouraging supporters who wish to see our helicopters and meet our crews to attend any of the events listed below.  We can also arrange an opportunity for any individuals, groups or organisations to present their cheques at these occasions also.  Please contact your local Regional Fundraiser to arrange this – their contact details can be found here.


Please note, all helicopter visits to events are subject to operational requirements.  The presence of an Air Ambulance at an event relies purely on the helicopter not being called to an incident prior to the anticipated arrival time.  Likewise, the helicopter may be called away at anytime to attend an incident so the Yorkshire Air Ambulance can only provisionally say that the Air Ambulance will be present at any event.  If the Air Ambulance is unable to attend, it will be due to an unforeseen emergency circumstance on the day.




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