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Special Occasion name/ place card & pin badge

Special Occasion name/ place card & pin badge




Ideal for dinners or special events!

10 x individial name/place cards supplied with our limited edition glitter lapel badges! The badges are the red heart motif from our logo. (these badges are only available when purchased as part of this pack!)

Place cards are 84mm wide by 38mm high.

The front side is subtly watermarked with the circles of the YAA logo, and gives you the ability to write a person's name on it.

On the reverse, there is the YAA logo and the following wording:
'A donation has kindly been made to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance to celebrate this very special occasion! We send our heartfelt thanks for the donation and hope you all have a fabulous time. They money recieved will help us to keep both of our helicopters in the air and saving lives.'

Suppled flat, ready to fold (with crease marks) in packs of 10, with 10 limited edition pin badges.

Postage & packing included in the price.
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