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Fundraising news from our North Fundraising Team!

Fundraising news from our North Fundraising Team!

Every day our team of dedicated fundraising staff and volunteers are out and about attending events across the county, collecting tins that have been kindly placed in stores across Yorkshire and helping spread the message about the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Here’s an update from our North Regional Fundraising team!

Collection tin in Northallerton collects £1,000

It is hard to believe that a collection tin on a shop counter, made up of loose change could collect such a large, life-saving amount of money. A local shop in Northallerton (Yorkshire Trading Company) have collected £1,000 in their Yorkshire Air Ambulance collecting tin as a result of their customers and staff donating their loose change.

We are very grateful to all customers and staff and this is a wonderful example that all donations, no matter how small, certainly add up. Reaching the £1,000 marker is a real achievement.

Christmas card congratulations to our North Yorkshire Volunteers

We have had 3 days selling our YAA cards in Harrogate Hospital and are thrilled with the results so far. We would like to say a huge thank you to the volunteers that have assisted Mike on the stall: Margaret Potter, Carolyn Mulligan, Sue Mitchell, Scott Housley and Cathy Bevington.

Living North lives up to expectations (and exceeds!)

On 8th – 11th November YAA Christmas cards were flying off the shelf at Living North and a few too many scotch eggs were consumed.

A huge thank you to all of our amazing volunteers who helped make our fundraising at Living North such a success. Over the 4 days we raised a super £2337.00.