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Catalyst IT raises £5.5k by hosting Peaky Blinders ball!

Catalyst IT raises £5.5k by hosting Peaky Blinders ball!

A York IT firm has raised an impressive £5,500 following a Peaky Blinders Ball at York Racecourse on the 5th October 2018.

The event hosted by Catalyst IT Solutions from Heslington, attracted 300 attendees and featured dancers from the Performing Arts Course at York College. The headline performance came from the popular party band, The Tzars.

Catalyst IT have hosted four annual fundraisers, supporting various charities across York, and they have raised over £20,000 in total. The first event was a James Bond themed party, celebrating 20 years since the release date of the film, Goldeneye. This first event was also in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) and was followed by a Masquerade Ball and a Halloween themed event, supporting St Leonards Hospice and Martin House respectively.

The 2018 Peaky Blinders theme saw attendees donning their best 1920s attire from tweed jackets to leather boots and caps, with everyone getting into the party spirit to raise money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Cataylst IT Solutions Director, Mark Godliman, said: “There are so many deserving charities across our region and to date we have only been able to support three of them. We chose the YAA again this year because on the 23rd March they were called to a road traffic accident between Allerthorpe and Pocklington. Their speed and efficiency and the subsequent air transfer to Leeds General were all instrumental in saving the life of one of our closest friends.”

He continued: “Without the YAA in attendance that morning, it is unlikely that Verity would be with us today. We appreciate that the YAA saves lives every day, and that everyone is someone’s friend or family member, it just so happens that this particular person was close to us.”


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