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Amazing Auction of Promises to help the Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Amazing Auction of Promises to help the Yorkshire Air Ambulance

On 22nd September a local group in North Yorkshire (Fountains Parish) organised an Auction of Promises to help both the Parish and also to raise funds for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

As a result of the event, the group have donated an incredible £3,043 to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Olivia Mulligan, North Yorkshire Community Fundraiser who attended the auction said: “I am amazed by this group’s amazing ability to fundraise and also their heart-warming generosity. They are also trying to raise funds for the Parish, so the fact they are still so willing to give to the YAA is so lovely.

The group certainly exceeded my expectations. They managed to secure approx. 110 lots to sell which is extremely admirable. And of course, a huge thanks must go to those that attended the event too – as the generosity seemed to be contagious. An example being: some of the vouchers valued at £10 would be bought for at least £30 which is just brilliant, thank you to all.

There will have been fewer than 80 people who attended… yet I manged to have conversations with 2 ex-patients in the room and many more who expressed how close the YAA is to their heart. ‘You just never know when you might need it…’

It was a super evening, full of lovely people and true generosity. We rely on local support like this and would like to thank Fountains Parish and the local community of Grantley for their inspirational attitude and support.”



School’s out for summer for a lot of Yorkshire this week! We hope you all have a fun and safe six week holidays. If you would like to see our helicopters this summer, here’s our planned helicopter visits list for the next few weeks!