Anna Szuba, aged 40, from Goole was on her way home from work when a car doing an unexpected U-turn in the road smashed into her motorcycle.

The road traffic collision took place on a busy Friday evening when Anna was on her way home from work. One of the cars queuing in traffic decided to turn around to drive in the opposite direction and as they were pulling out, they failed to spot Anna and crashed straight into her.

Anna was thrown under the car and her motorbike crushed the left hand side of her body. “I can’t remember much apart from the two seconds before the accident and hitting the ground. The next thing I knew, I had woken up in hospital”, she said.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance flew Anna to Hull Royal Infirmary, where it was revealed that she had broken her jaw bone, a cheek bone, fractured her wrist, hip shaft and also had an open fracture to the lower part of her leg.

Over the last sixteen months, Anna has had multiple operations to rebuild her legs and currently walks around with a metal cage attached to her leg left to support her bones.

Unable to work, Anna started playing her piano to pass time and has found the hobby to be highly therapeutic. “It helps me relax and puts my mind on other things”, said Anna. “I’m not the best pianist, but I play for myself rather than other people.”

The road to recovery for Anna is long, but she remains hopeful that one day she will again return to work and she is thankful for those who came to help her on the day of her accident.