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What we don't do

As you are probably aware, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance are a well known Charity across the Yorkshire region which generally means we are subject to much publicity and interest.

However, we have experienced on many occasions, people not always acting with the best interests of the Charity, and we often get people enquiring with us whether certain fundraisers are acting on behalf of the YAA or not.

Hopefully, the following information will help to clarify just exactly how the Charity operates from a fundraising perspective and what to expect from official YAA fundraisers when you meet them out in the field



Official staff and representatives of the YAA should always be carrying an official YAA ID badge, which can easily be clarified with the YAA HQ (01422 237900) if in any doubt. Also, our staff will usually be wearing branded YAA clothing. 

Our registered volunteers also have official ID badges, a YAA Registered Volunteer polo shirt and corresponding fleece jacket. All these clothing items have the YAA logos clearly embroidered on them, with the words ‘Registered Volunteer’ or ‘Charity Staff’.


Door knocking’ or Charity collectors operating in neighbourhoods is probably the most frequent enquiry we receive at Charity HQ. This can include people approaching you at your home address asking you to sign up for a lottery scheme, collecting textile recycling or generally asking for donations to the Charity. They often require you to give you bank details to them. The YAA can confirm that we have never used this tactic to fundraise nor would we ever encourage fundraisers to collect money in this way. Official YAA representatives would never undertake this kind of fundraising as it is something we do not condone or support.

We also often get reports that ‘door knockers’ claim to be from the ‘Air Ambulance’. We would encourage people to get clarity on exactly what Air Ambulance the collector is from in the first instance, as well as asking for official ID to prove who they are. Sometimes our supporters give a donation to these people and later discover it was in fact another organisation and not the YAA.


The YAA operate a very successful recycling scheme which has generated over £1 million in income for the Charity over the years. This is done in partnership with our official recycling partner, BIUGroup. Our recycling scheme operates with textile recycling bins which are located at convenient locations across Yorkshire such as household waste sites, supermarket car parks, leisure facilities or pub car parks. You can locate your nearest recycling bank using the Bank Locator on the BIUGroup website: We always encourage our supporters to deposit their recycling in these banks – BIUGroup do not offer a door to door collection service, so if anyone posts recycling bags through your letterbox claiming to be from the YAA and offering a collection service, they will not be for our Charity.



Our Charity staff will never ‘cold-call’ any of our supporters.


‘Chugging’ is a common term using for Charity collectors who operate in town or city centres, approaching shoppers often asking them to sign up to donations or join a fundraising scheme.

Our staff and volunteers are requested to attend many events throughout the year such as fetes/ galas/ fayres/ shows/ bag packs...the list is endless! However, you will never find our staff or volunteers ‘chugging’ in town or city centres.

At any time, if you are unsure or suspicious of anyone claiming to be from the YAA, please call our Charity HQ who will be able to clarify.
Here is clarity on other issues we often get asked about:

EMBRACE Paediatric Retrieval Service

Embrace are the neonatal and paediatric retrieval service for Yorkshire and the Humber. The YAA are proud to partner with the Embrace team and we often work together to to move specialist medical teams and equipment to their sickest patients quickly across the region.

The Children’s Air Ambulance

The YAA are not associated with the Children’s Air Ambulance. They are a completely separate charitable organisation to us and they fundraise under their own organisation. The Children’s Air Ambulance are based in Coventry. We would also add that the YAA are able to carry children on our own aircraft.

The HELP Appeal

Again, the HELP Appeal, which is operated by County Air Ambulance Trust, is a completely separate organisation to the YAA. They are raising funds to help build and update helipads across the UK. The HELP appeal are not linked to the YAA.

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