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Meet Our Team

We would like to give you the opportunity to meet the faces behind the team at the Yorkshire Air Ambulance!

 Our crew, which are based at either our Nostell Airbase, near Wakefield or RAF Topcliffe, near Thirsk, are a highly skilled team of paramedics, pilots and doctors.

The pilots are highly experienced and skilled helicopter specialists. They have many years of flying experience, and it is this experience that enables them to land our crew in some of the most remote locations across Yorkshire.

Our highly skilled paramedics are provided by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust and they are all fully trained in HEMS (Helicopter Medical Emergency Service). They also receive further specialist training.

Doctors work with us on a regular basis, bringing extra medical skills to the team.

For further information about Yorkshire Ambulance Service and training to be a paramedic please visit

The Crew


Cpt Andy Lister

(Director of Aviation)

Cpt Andy Hall

(Chief Pilot)

Cpt Garry Brasher

(Pilot, Nostell)

Cpt Ian Mousette

(Pilot, Topcliffe)

Cpt Chris Attrill

(Pilot, Topcliffe)

Cpt Rob Penell

(Relief Pilot)

Cpt Elaine Hunter

(Relief Pilot)


Dr Jez Pinnell

(Medical Advisor)

Dr Andy Pountney


Dr Rob Anderson


Dr Tim Moll


Dr Sarah Milton Jones


Dr Steve Rowe


Dr Neil Sambridge


Dr Chris Srinivasan


Dr Alia Yaqub


Dr Brian White



Pete Vallance

(Clinical Operations Manager)

Sammy Wills

(Aircrew paramedic)

Al Day

(Aircrew Paramedic)

Andrew Armitage

(Aircrew Paramedic)

Matt Syrat

(Aircrew Paramedic)

Tony Wilkes

(Aircrew Paramedic)

James Stubley

(Aircrew Paramedic)

Kit von Mickwitz

(Aircrew paramedic)

Lisa Raywood

(Aircrew Paramedic)

Paul Holmes

(Aircrew Paramedic)

Adrian Fell

(Aircrew Paramedic)

Lee Greenwood

(Aircrew Paramedic)

Pete Rhodes

(Aircrew Paramedic)

Peter Sunderland MBE, DL

Peter first joined the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) as a Trustee back in 2003 after retiring as a UK director from a major PLC in the construction products industry.

His varied career included 28 years with RMC Group PLC, an international building materials manufacturing company operating in 27 countries which had an annual turnover of 5bn. For 5 years prior to retirement, (Nov 03) Peter acted as their UK Customer Focus Director.

Peter brings to the YAA a wealth of experience in senior management, monitoring & delivering of business targets, workshops, strategic development, financial & budgetary control and project implementation as well as being one of the most IT literate people we have ever met!

In January 2007, Peter was appointed to the prestigious role of a Deputy Lieutenant of West Yorkshire. He is also a member of the Wakefield Cathedral Council, and a previous Subscribers Secretary for The Huddersfield Choral Society (of which he was President of between 1994 & 1996).

Peter took the helm as Chairman of the Charity in 2006 and over the last 6 years has overseen major landmarks for the Charity such as the purchase of our helicopters G-SASH an G-CEMS and the installation and implementation of our first of a kind Dedicated Air Desk.

In 2007 Peter also took over the overseeing role for Fundraising & PR and Media activities

Office & Fundraising

Our office, fundraising and marketing teams are the ‘backbone’ of the Charity! These guys keep the Charity running on a day to day basis whether it be out on the road attending and supporting fundraising events, or in the office making sure everything is appropriately managed.





Director of Operations

Neale Jacobs


Our trustees are responsible for controlling the management and administration of the Charity. They act strictly within the Charity’s interests only without regards to private interests.

The YAA’s trustees all have different skill sets and expertise to bring to the Charity. These range from financial expertise, marketing skills, and various commercial backgrounds.

The trustees are led by the Chairman who is overall responsible for the running of the Charity. He is then supported by the Vice-Chairman and the other Trustees of the Charity.

Peter Sunderland DL, Dr Peter Smith, Kevin Hynes, Sandra Rhodes, Brian Chapman, Sarah Moore, Amarjit Singh, Simon Pearson, John Samuel, Viv Lewis.

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