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Key Charity Information


Q. Who does the Yorkshire Air Ambulance help?

Both of Yorkshire Air Ambulances can travel up to speeds of up to 160 mph, covering 2 miles per minute, covering the whole of Yorkshire. Our service is for all who need emergency medical attention. Receiving medical attention so soon after injury can not only speed up someone’s recovery process, it can increase someone’s chance of survival. It might even save one’s life.

Q. How much does the Yorkshire Air Ambulance rely on donations?

To keep our Air Ambulances operational, the Charity has to raise £12,000 per day. We are an independent and only receive government funding in the form of highly trained paramedics that are seconded to the Air Ambulance from the Yorkshire Ambulance service.

Q. Will you be flying at night?

We have no plans at the moment to fly at night. However, we have not ruled out the possibility of night flying for the future.

Q. What areas does the Yorkshire Air Ambulance cover?

We cover the whole of Yorkshire. Yorkshire covers 4 million acres that includes rural and isolated locations to densely populated cities and major motorways. We serve over 5 million people.

From time to time, the Air Ambulance will fly into neighbouring counties in emergency situations to help those who need our help.


Q. How was the Charity able to purchase the second helicopter?

The purchase of the second Air Ambulance was made possible through the kind and generous donation from the public who responded to Richard Hammond’s accident in 2006. These donations raised over £250,000 that allowed us place a small deposit on a fixed asset loan on the second air  ambulance through the Yorkshire Bank.

Q. If I decide to donate, how will my money be spent?

To keep the service operational, £12,000 is needed every day. This money is spent on maintaining the state of the art service that we provide and to keep both Air Ambulance operational.

Q. How can I donate?

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, in terms of donating both your time and money. To find out the different ways that you can get involved visit the Donate page.

Every Donation Counts

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