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Fundraising Guide

Quite often, people are keen to organise a fundraising event for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance but they don’t always know where to start.

This section of our website is designed to help with a bit of inspiration for pointing potential fundraisers in the right direction to get started.

There are no real right and wrongs when it comes to raising funds for the YAA – just a bit of imagination at times!  We will however, highlight a few areas which need a little more consideration than others.
If you would like to request a YAA representative to come along to your event, it is vital that we are given as much notice as possible.  We attend many, many events, especially over the summer months and cannot guarantee that we will have someone available to attend an event at short notice (we classify short notice as 1 to 2 weeks).  Ideally we require 4 weeks + notice to be able to bring our fundraising stall to events such as fetes/ galas/ fundays etc.
If you have any questions, need some fundraising resources, or just need extra help and advice, our friendly team at the Charity HQ will be more than happy to help and advise you.  

Call them on 01422 237900


Fundraising for the YAA

Raising funds is both fun and challenging. Here are few points you need to consider before you start. 

• Brainstorm your ideas with friends and agree on something that is realistic and likely to work.

• Set yourself a fundraising target to aim for

• Give yourself adequate time to prepare and promote your fundraising activities

• If you will incur any overheads – plan a budget or get sponsorship, prizes donated or a venue provided free of charge by contacting local business and people you may know you can assist you.

• Contact the Charity office and let us know what you are planning -  we can help you maximise and promote your fundraising event.

Fundraising Ideas

There are many ways you can raise money for the YAA.  
Here are just a few to get you started.

• The old ideas are often the best – organise a raffle, coffee morning, quiz night, sponsored challenge or host an open garden.

• Turn your hobby into cash – sell arts and crafts or delicious cakes and jams at summer fetes and local shows.

• Sporting challenge – host five–a-side football tournaments, family sports days, golf and darts competitions.

• Involve everyone – events that encompass all ages are often very successful such as family fun days, fetes and galas.

Marquee Hire

Fundraising events can take any shape or size but some larger events, such as fetes, galas and family fun days can sometimes require marquees.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance are happy to recommend Yorkshire based 'Countryside Marquees & Events' who would be pleased to help with any marquee requirements your event may need. They will work anywhere across Yorkshire and will work with you to provide the best marquee solution for your fundraising event. Please visit their website at or contact David Mallender on 01845 591115 for further details 
(please mention the Yorkshire Air Ambulance on enquiry).


We often get approached by supporters who would like to do a Skydive to raise money for us but aren’t sure where to start.  In the past, many of our daring supporters (including some of our own staff members!) have used a company called ‘Click & Jump’. The YAA are already registered with these guys. To find out more about organising a skydive with ‘Click & Jump’, visit their website at

Third Party Organised Fundraising Events

There are many companies around that organise fundraising events such as treks, walks, cycle rides etc on your behalf, often asking you to sign up to them and raise a minimum amount of money to secure your place. What you may not be aware is that these companies then expect the Charity to pay a specific amount to also secure your place on the fundraising event. The YAA will not get involved with this type of fundraising nor will we pay any fee's to third party organised fundraisers - previous experience has left the Charity out of pocket which is something we cannot risk in the future.


Get Local Support and Publicity

Publicising your event/fundraising in the local media is a great way to attract support and also raise awareness for the YAA. Many local papers are very supportive of local events and local people getting involved.  The easiest thing to do is contact your local papers newsdesk.

Let people know why you are supporting YAA, and what inspired to raise money – whether you have a moving personal story or you could inspire others to join in.  These are the sort of stories your local press would love to hear about.

Remember to include the following information:
• Details of your event
• Why you are supporting the YAA
• How much money you hope to raise
• What you are planning to do.
Many newspapers welcome a follow up to the initial story with an accompanying photograph of the day/event so make sure and take lots of photos from your event.

Don’t forget to spread the word to your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.  Publicise your efforts on a notice board at your gym, church, college or work place.  You can even advertise your event on the YAA website, see here for details of how to go about this.


YAA Events Webpage

If you would like your event adding to our events page, please email FULL details to Liv Johnson at


Information needed:

Name and type of event.

Event date and time.

Location – with full address.

Event price – If this is a ticketed event and also where tickets will be available to buy.

Your Just Giving link.

Event contact name and telephone/email.


The use of social media can be very powerful and is one of the best tools to promote your event.


Person: These are accounts that represent one person. If you join Facebook for the first time as an individual, this is the type of account you will get. Once you're registered, you can then set up a group or page via your own account. You must set up an individual account first.

Group: Groups have some extremely useful features such as allowing you to e-mail all members and make the group private. People 'join' groups to discuss things and you can also choose who you’d like to invite to the group – setting up a group would be more useful for a private event for family and friends.

Page: Setting up a ‘Page’ is quick and very easy to do via your own Facebook account. It's a lot simpler than a group and anyone can 'like' it to show their support, and anyone can read what you're posting. You can also invite people on your own Facebook to like your page.

Once you have set up your ‘Page’ the best place to start is by filling your page with as much event information as possible – including pictures, and links to websites and most importantly your Just Giving page.

The Charity also runs it’s own Facebook Page – Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Unfortuately we cannot advertise each and every event from here as the events would end up getting lost on our timeline and burried under each other. However, we do encourage our supporters to post about their events on our ‘Facebook Wall’ which all our supporters and 50,000+ followers can see.


You can set up a Twitter account for your event. You can then ‘tag’ people in posts – including the YAA - @yorkshireairamb which we would be more than happy to retweet for you.

If you do decide to set up both of the above – it would be a good idea to post on both to let people know. I.E. “Did you know you can also follow us on Twitter @......”

To make your page look and feel more professional it would be a good idea to add the YAA Logo and some images of the Charity – Please also request these from Liv Johnson at We are more than happy to supply these to official fundraisers and supporters – anyone using the YAA Logo without permission may be asked to remove it. 


To help promote your event offline we have pre-printed A4 and A3 posters to put up in and around your local community, we also have yellow YAA balloons to decorate your event venue.

Should you wish to have collecting tins at your event– we can provide these also. Although we cannot post out buckets, we can supply branded ‘wrap-rounds’ for your own buckets if you’d prefer. Just call the office on 01422 237900 to request some.

Merchandise is also available for you to sell at your events such as, Keyrings, Pin Badges, Pens and Fridge Magnets. Please contact your local area fundraiser to discuss in this option more detail. ).


Online fundraising
Set up your own fundraising page on or and collect sponsorship without the hassle of dealing with cash or cheques. Sponsors can donate quickly and easily online with a credit or debit card and their money comes straight to the YAA, or a full guide on how to set up Just giving or Virgin Money please click here.

Match Giving
You should find out whether the business you work for does matched giving.  This is where they will donate £1 for every £1 you raise.  It’s a great way to boost the money you’ve raised and an extra incentive for all your friends and colleagues.

Gift Aid
If you are organising a sponsored event or are asking for donations please ask supporters to ‘Gift Aid’ their donation.  This means if they are a UK taxpayer they can increase their donation by 25 per cent just by ticking  the gift aid box and include their name and address on the YAA sponsorship form or by completing a gift aid form.  This means that for every £1 they donate the YAA can claim an extra 25p at no cost to them.  Gift aid forms can be downloaded here.

Sending your money in to the YAA

Please do not send cash through the post.
Wherever possible encourage people to write cheques made payable to the ‘Yorkshire Air Ambulance’ and forwarded to us at the following address: Cayley House, 10 South Lane, Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 0HQ
If you receive cash or cheques payable to yourself, bank them and then write a cheque to the ‘Yorkshire Air Ambulance’ for the full amount.

We can also provide you with our bank details to allow you to pay funds directly into our account
If you have paid money from sponsors into your own account and would like to pay by credit or debit card – call us on 01422 237900 and you can pay over the phone.

However you send your money to us, please let us know details of the fundraising/event so that we can credit the money that comes into your fundraising activities. All donations should be accompanied by a contact name, address and telephone number in order for us to acknowledge your donation.

Legal and Health and Safety Considerations

When fundraising, it’s not worth taking any risks with safety or the law. Here are a few things you might need to consider. If you are in any doubt please contact your local Fundraisers or someone at Charity HQ who should be able to advise you. You can find the relevant names and numbers on our Contact page:

• Ensure all publicity material include ‘All proceeds/profits will go to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity’. Events should be held ‘in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance’ too. You must also state YAA’s registered Charity number.

• Raffles are now carefully regulated and the only type of raffle that can be operated without a licence is one where the tickets are sold and the prize draw are on the same day. You cannot pre-sell tickets without obtaining a licence from your local council. You must do this directly  with them, and not through the YAA.

• If you want to sell alcohol at your event you will need to obtain a licence for your local police station or alternatively you can sell tickets which can then be exchanged for drinks.

• Anyone collecting money in a public place will require a Street Collection Licence from their local council. To collect donations on private property, such as in a supermarket or pub you only need the permission of the owner or manager.

• Safety is an important aspect of any event so always check any facilities in advance, including any fire exits.

• Consider any first aid requirements. Some events/fundraising will not require first aid cover dependant on the size and nature of the event. You may consider contacting your local Red Cross or St John Ambulance for advice.

• If you are preparing food yourself, you’d be well advised to get someone involved who has awarded a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.

• If you are organising a fundraising event you may be required to take out adequate Public and Product Liability insurance cover. 

Top Tips


Have fun

and choose a fundraising project that you will enjoy.  If you are having a good time people are more likely to respond.


Keep it simple

the best fundraising projects are the simplest. Be realistic and cost out any expenditure carefully. Keep a checklist so you know exactly what needs to be done at every stage.


Keep it legal

make sure you have liaised with your local Area Fundraising Manager, Are Fundraiser or Community Fundraiser to ensure that your fundraising efforts are legal.


Tell us about it

let us know what you are planning and we will provide you with advice, local support from experienced volunteers to assist you, fundraising materials and literature to maximise your efforts, PR advice and YAA official merchandise


Tell others about it

don’t forget to tell your family, friends and work colleagues about what you are up to and display posters in and around your local area.

Fundraising Packs

Why not get your fundraising off the ground and order one of our FREE fundraising packs here. Please email full details of your event to Pearl at

Every Donation Counts

No matter how small.

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